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Taurus (Vrashabh)

The people born under this zodiac sign want to get reward for their efforts and hard work and struggle to do any work without thinking. Its symbols are bulls and they come in the second house of the zodiac. They come from the ground. There are connected people and they believe in what they say.

They are practical, lasting and reliable and as they face life, they move towards their goals but they are slow and slow. Their strength is their stability, honesty and strong determination. It is very difficult to divert them from their path or distract them. They want to reach their goal and they definitely reach.

They are nervous about taking risks because the reason for this is that they are the safety choice. And the second reason is that they are lazy. This means that they only walk on the tested path.

Although they are not bad, in this way they miss out on the fun of new work.

People who like this security are strongly attached to their environment, work, home or thoughts. Others may call it stubbornness but they call it the need of their stability. With this, their minds do not accept new changes. But it does not change the quality of what they do. Therefore, they can be stubborn and insolent, but it is very difficult to find another person with determination like them. They rarely come under pressure and they want peace, but you cannot call them retreating.

They are patient and reliable, but if angry, they become angry and cruel. But when their anger is calm, they become calm like Gautam Buddha as if nothing has happened.

They are very expensive and own a different personality. They can also be artists and musicians. All the good areas of life like art, music, good food, physical pleasure and material comforts are like heaven on earth for them. Though they are not self-centered but desire for material happiness | They are like family and want their physical comfort to their loved ones.

They have unique personality, although their stubbornness and sluggishness are recognized by them and because of this problems arise and it becomes difficult to deal with them. They do not even make any effort to change the things around them and keep getting stuck in the same kind of situations.

Their life partner should be such that fulfill their desire for stability.

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