~The show caters to everything you need to know about what makes the food taste so good~

FYI TV18 brings to its food loving viewers a new show that will showcase the science behind the world’s most popular foods. ‘The Know It All Guide To...’ premiering on Monday, 11th June, 2018 at 7 pm, will uncover bizarre facts, tricks and the science of taste, that makes our favourite food so irresistible.

Each episode will focus on specific foods and beverages, like- cheese, beer, bacon, coffee, nuts, bread and ice cream etc. and will even include fascinating "how-to" food hacks. People from different parts of the world sharing their culinary preferences along with visits to popular eateries and manufacturing units, make this unique show even more interesting. The show not only promises to tempt your taste buds but also increases the knowledge behind the science of food.

‘The Know It All Guide To…’ is a whimsical and fast-paced show, which is not only entertaining, but also highlights interesting food tit-bits in segments like how to make your own cheese, or learning about the robot that measures the crunch of a Dorito. Most of all it’s a fun, fact-filled series that is sure to tingle your taste buds and your brains.

Catch ‘The Know It All Guide To...’ on FYI TV 18 every Monday to Thursday, 7 PM.


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