Our dreams and aspirations drive our lives. But often we get so wrapped up in life we tend to give up on those dreams or leave them behind to focus on what we perceive as more important. Rajesh (Sumeet Raghavan) is feeling stuck in a monotonous life and is constantly feeling that something is amiss. Although he is happy with his loving family and a fulfilling job, he can’t help feeling restless as he is finding it difficult to put a finger on what exactly is the problem.

Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya has continued to be one of the best slice of life shows on television, winning hearts with relatable life situations and loved characters. Peppered with humor, drama and emotions the upcoming track of the show has an incredibly beautiful message for all its viewers.

The Wagle family members notice his behavior and later realize that he is probably missing his good old days of singing. As Rajesh always dreamt of being a singer, career and family responsibilities took the front seat and he had to put his dream of becoming a singer on the back burner. The family come together to find a way to rekindle Rajesh’s passion and love for singing. They all take turns to purposefully bring up situations where Rajesh is made to sing. When Rajesh understands what his family is up to, it leaves him infuriated. He angrily dismisses all their attempts as he doesn’t want them to think that he loves anything more than his family. While Vandana patiently deals with him, she puts forward an interesting thought, that it’s alright to indulge yourself once in a while in the things you love, that’s what makes us human.

Filled with a new sense of understanding, Rajesh finally agrees to participate in an online singing competition with his family cheering him on.

What will happen next? Will Rajesh win the competition, or will he be faced by another problem that will put an end to his love for singing?

Sumeet Raghavan essaying the role of Rajesh said, “The upcoming track on Wagle ki Duniya sheds light on an important topic. As parents, we often let our passion and dreams take the back seat to focus on children and family. Rajesh reliving his dream of singing teaches us that it is so important to focus on oneself too from time to time. A happy mind spreads happiness, therefore, it is imperative to hang on to those little things that bring you joy. I hope our viewers can take away this wonderful message and reflect on their lives.”

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