While Akshay Kumar was busy meeting and greeting junta at the Versova Festival, elsewhere his Entertainment lookalike Tiny the Golden Retriever was busy obliging fans with Kunju the Lhasa Apso and Snowy the Pom with Pawtraits, they could cherish for life.

The move of getting NGO Pawsitive Farm Sanctuary’s four-legged Therapy Dogs that were rescued or adopted and rehabilitated, to come and meet those walking into the fest was that of ace pet photographer Bhavesh Karia, who believes that “clicking pets is not photography, but an artform.”

Says Bhavesh Karia, “pets are like little kids; forever doing something that you want to capture on your camera. But incredible pet photography is when you capture the essence of your furry friend through your pawtraits that look beyond the fur and into the soul of the pet. “I like to capture their honesty and their persona. I simply love the small smirks and poignant expressions – the animal's inner world.”

It is Bhavesh Karia’s pet boxer Bella who changed his world. “To me, Bella is not a dog, she is my life companion. So in my pawtraits, I try and capture what we miss most -- an expression, the moods, and the smile.” Though Bella was not present at the festival as she would follow Bhavesh Karia like Mary’s lamb, Tiny, Kunju and Snowy made sure that they not just posed for Bhavesh Karia but obliged all their young fans as well.


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