Tamannaah is one of the leading stars on everyone's watchlist - from South to Hindi Film Industry. As we inch closer to 2022, we can't help look back at her all the incredible and blockbuster performances given by the actress. The powerhouse performance became the force behind four back-to-back massive hits in 2021 and embossed the year to her name!

As we celebrate Tamannaah on her birthday for the artist that she is, here's looking at her impressive showdown in 2021 - proving her flair or versatility and minting box office numbers!

1) 11th Hour

Tamannaah kickstarted her year with the power-packed crime thriller 11th Hour. Headlining the show, the actress effortlessly slipped into her role of Aratrika Reddy. The star's ability to showcase emotional vulnerability behind her character's cold-blooded vanner wowed the audience and critics alike.

2) November Story

Ruling the OTT space, Tamannaah brought another intriguing whodunit drama, November Story, alive on screen. The actress earned acclaim from all corners for her command over the character. Right hailed as one of the most engaging narratives, the show made it into the IMDb Top 10 Bharatiya Web Series of 2021.

3) Seetimaarr

With Seetimaarr, Tamannaah became one of the few actresses to have had a theatrical release after the lockdown. The sports drama churned out massive box office numbers, owing to the superstar's fierce portrayal of a Kabaddi Coach. She also grabbed headlines for acing the Telangana dialect for the film.

4) Maestro

Tamannaah ventured into a rather grey area with Maestro and came out shining with her impeccable performance. The actress made a challenging character her own and left the critics and audience mighty impressed with her acting mettle. Maestro became a huge box office hit!