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According to the video, this is a murder, not a gang rape.

Hathras - In a mystifying set of developments in the Hathras case, videos of the victim's mother have come to light in Brajbhasha. citing age-old enmity among the families, his mother repeats in the video that her daughter was strangulated, she does not mention rape. This statement in the video comes even as the autopsy report in the case also did not cite rape, following which the ADG issued a statement to that effect, amid shock, horror and despondency around the nation and especially around Hathras over what has since the start believed to have been a gruesome gangrape, with the victim later succumbing.

What the victim's mother says in the video

"We went there to get grass. they got into a scuffle there. I was a bit far away, they came from behind pulled from the hair and dragged her through the Bajra field. They strangulated her so badly that she can barely speak," the victim's mother says in the video.

Four people were arrested in connection with the Hathras case. The mother is seen in the video saying only one dragged the victim into the field and strangulated her due to the families' enmity, before she (the mother) could intervene. She also named the attacker's father.

"He came back to take revenge and settle old scores, dragged her through the Bajra field," she can be heard saying.

Another person can be heard asking her who all were involved in the crime, to which the mother answered in Braj bhasha, "There was only one boy", divulging a name - "Sandeep, Thakur's son (referring to the same person and not naming the attacker directly)".

She is seen speaking more about the enmity between the families and said that the boy's family had 'brutally' attacked her father-in-law 'some 15-16 years ago' and 'split his head open'.

"15-16 years ago, back then, they beat my father-in-law and there has been bad blood between us since then. They have threatened us constantly saying that they will kill us one by one," she said when asked about the enmity.

Family's Complaint also stated strangulation

The complaint filed by the victim's family had also stated strangulation. It did not mention rape:

"On September 14, my sister and my mother had gone out to collect grass. I was at home placing the grass. My mother was cutting the grass in a field nearby. When my sister was returning from the field she ran into Sandeep's son, Guddu, who attempted to kill her by strangling her. My sister then screamed. My mother, Rama, responded. Hearing the commotion, Sandeep fled the scene. This incident happened at 9.30 am. My complaint should be acknowledged and action in the matter, taken."

Hathras Tapes:

Two tapes that are also doing rounds on social media of a conversation between alleged Congress intermediaries and persons close to the victim's family. One conversation purports the alleged Congress middleman tutoring the family's close friend to tell Congress Uttar Pradesh General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi that the authorities were pressurizing them to accept the ex-gratia amount.

In another tape, another alleged Congress tout is heard telling someone close to the family not to accept the Rs.25 lakh compensation being offered by the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government saying that someone will give Rs 50 lakh, and adding that former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is coming on foot to meet the kin of the victim

Why the Mid-night funeral?

It was reported that the 19-year-old victim who died on Tuesday in Safdarjung Hospital was a victim of gangrape and brutal assault. The post mortem report suggested, however, that the cause of death of the victim was trauma due to a neck injury without any mention of rape in the report. The victim, before her death on Tuesday, had been shifted to the Safdarjung Hospital on Monday from Aligarh Muslim University Medical College. Shockingly, however, the UP Police conducted a mid-night funeral allegedly without the family's consent. Which was very embarrassing., Was against Hinduism. Action has been taken by the UP Government over this on Friday night, with the SP and 4 police officials being suspended. They are to face narco tests, sources said.

Congress protests but silent on alleged middlemen

Congress mounted pressure on the UP government with a massive protest on Thursday led by Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi while travelling to Hathras to meet the victim's family. Their convoy was stopped by UP Police on Hathras border in the wake of section 144 imposed in the region. The duo along with scores of Congress workers attempted to walk towards the victim's residence after which the police detained them and escorted them back to Delhi, during the course of which Rahul Gandhi was accused of 'diving'. In response to the UP Police' action of not allowing their leaders to meet the victim's family, Congress workers staged protests in Delhi and other parts of the country. Reports state that Congress is again planning an attempt to meet the family, and hence there is heavy police deployment at the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border in Noida on Saturday.

Uttar Pradesh government has formed a three-member SIT to probe the case and said the matter will be heard in the fast-track court. Further, Yogi Adityanath has updated that he has spoken to the Prime Minister on the case. The Uttar Pradesh government on Wednesday announced that kin of Hathras case victim will be given Rs 25 lakh as ex-gratia and a house, and a government job will be given to a member of the family.


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