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After teasing the fans with a glimpse of their new original with Bollywood star Vivek Anand Oberoi and the gorgeous Tridha Choudhary, VYRL Originals brings the superhit team of Jaani and Afsana popularly known for ‘Titliaan’ together in an all new song, ‘Dhokebaaz’.

Jaani, who has some of the biggest super hits in his repertoire, has composed and written Dhokebaaz. His musical arrangement with Afsana Khan's vocals, bring out a distinct rustic feel and a sense of heightened drama in the song that’s about love and betrayal.

Mounted on a grand scale and filmed with panache by B2gether Pros, Vivek and Tridha are seen in the video in very striking yet elegant avatars that exude an old world charm. This is their first time working together. The actors portray a tale of love and loss - a treacherous relationship that has severe repercussions.

With its rich musical score, a catchy hook-line, impactful lyrics and dramatic music video, Dhokebaaz is one you don't want to miss.

Speaking on his recent song release, Vivek Anand Oberoi said, “Dhokebaaz is such a powerful song with a unique storyline brought together by Jaani in the beautiful voice of Afsana. With me completing my 20th year in Bollywood, I wanted to bring something different for my audiences and this music video has been one of a kind experience for me. This is my first project with Tridha and I had a great time shooting with her and the team VYRL. I hope everyone will love the song and I wish for the best.”

Excited about the release of Dhokebaaz, Tridha Choudhary shared, “I am so excited for Dhokebaaz and am already in love with the song and I can’t stop humming it. Jaani has given a fabulous composition and Afsana with her graceful voice has taken it a notch higher. Vivek Oberoi is an outstanding actor, which makes me so happy to have worked with him. Here's hoping fans enjoy our unique performance in this video."

Talking about bringing this unique collaboration together with VYRL Originals, Jaani said, “I'm thrilled to have Vivek, Afsana and Tridha on board for this project, and I can't wait to see how the audience reacts and embraces this unique creation of love and betrayal. It's been a wonderful experience working with VYRL Original. For me Dhokebaaz holds an innovative aspect that I believe the audience will appreciate.”

Afsana Khan who has given her voice in Dhokebaaz, says, "It's always a fun experience working with Jaani because I believe he is someone who brings out the best in you. Jaani and I have worked on quite a few projects in the past and I think we make a great team. The meaning of the song is beautifully depicted in the music video. Vivek and Tridha have given a wonderful performance. Dhokebaaz has the potential to become big and I hope it flies to the moon and beyond"


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