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Jo aaj ke kalaakar hain, woh vaastav mein kuch logon ke kal ko aakaar dete hain – Vivek Oberoi on artist Om Swami’s initiative to teach visually-challenged girl children the art of sculpting Ganesha idols, aiming to provide them with potential avenues for future employment.

The inauguration of artist Om Swami's show, 'Aaradhya: The Deity,' was a breathtaking spectacle. Vachi Art Gallery in Worli was transformed into a mesmerising world of art, where Om Swami’s Ganpati paintings and sculptures came to life with a riot of colours and intricate details. Actor Vivek Oberoi inaugurated the show, in the presence of veteran actor Sachin Khedekar, Mr. Rajeev Sharma, television actress Reena Kapoor, special educator Tanvi Mhatre, Sunita Sanghai - the owner of Vachi Art Gallery, art connoisseur Ajoykaant Ruia, and artists such as Charan Sharma, Nimisha Sharma, Ravi Mandlik, Smita Mandlik, Nayanaa Kanodia, Dinkar Jadhav, Prakash Ghadge, Ami Patel, Padmanabh Bendre, and Ananya Banerjee, along with veteran photojournalist Pradeep Chandra, among many others.

What's interesting is that Om Swami, as part of this art show, undertook the initiative of teaching visually-challenged girl children the art of sculpting Ganesha idols for their future employment prospects. The girls, ranging from ages 8 to 12, were extremely excited and participated in the sculpting process with full enthusiasm. This heartwarming aspect of the evening added an extra layer of meaning to the event that showcased the transformative power of creativity and inclusivity, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees.

“I feel really glad to be here for Om Swami’s show, whose artworks I love; I even have a beautiful painting and sculpture by him back at home. The most wonderful part about today, though, for me is the initiative that Om Swami and Sunita Sanghai have undertaken – of teaching visually-challenged girl children to sculpt. Jo aaj ke kalaakar hain, woh vaastav mein kuch logon ke kal ko aakaar dete hain!” expressed Vivek Oberoi. He further added, “Vachi is a beautiful blend of Saraswati and Laxmi, and these two goddesses are a great representation of our culture. On one hand, Laxmi is a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and well-being, whereas on the other, Maa Saraswati represents art. When the two blend together, you truly create something beautiful like Vachi Art Gallery.”

Sachin Khedekar imparted, “I am extremely proud of Om Swami, and I'm so happy to be here today. I have had Om's painting at home for five years, and it's been a lucky charm to me. What I really like about Om and his style is that there's character to his paintings, his colours, and he always experiments with materials and shapes, and the way he is (referring to the artist’s appearance and dress sense). It’s very rare that you see a painter or a creative artist who is so completely in his art.”

Om Swami’s ‘Aaradhya: The Deity’ will be showcased until 13th November, 2023 at Vachi Art Gallery at Atria Mall in Worli, followed by an extended run at Jehangir Art Gallery in Kala Ghoda, from 14th to 20th November, 2023.

11 am to 7 pm on all days.


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