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Star Plus Viewers have seen Mahabharat from the lens of Krishna and Arjun and now it’s time to watch this epic saga from the view point of Draupadi on the small screen. This Sunday, the story will be narrated through the eyes of Draupadi and it will show her journey from the beginning, her quest for revenge against the Kauravas which leads to the dawn of the Kurukshetra war.

Mahabharat, the iconic tale has no dearth of powerful characters! Be it Krishna who acts as the advisor, the legendary warrior Arjun, the cunning Shakuni, the powerful Yudhisthir and many more. But in a story dominated by males is a strong character of Draupadi (played by Pooja Sharma) that symbolizes beauty and grit, she faces the severest humiliation and yet manages to maintain her dignity. Audiences have loved this side of Draupadi and empathised with her situation thus making it an apt reason for the Maha Movie to be presented from her perspective during the grand war of Kurukshetra.

Speaking on the occasion talented actor Pooja Sharma adds, “I am overjoyed for this Sunday’s Maha Movie on Star Plus. This movie will capture Draupadi’s birth from fire to her marriage to Arjun, her disrobing which became the clarion call for the war and her friendship with Krishna.

Working on the show is one of the most loved and blessed memories of my life. And the enormity of the show speaks for itself. Draupadi’s character was powerful for me and it made me strong. I am hopeful and positive that the audience will appreciate the film as much as they have enjoyed watching the show on the channel.”

The story of Mahabharat though re-told a several times but Star Plus’ attempt to show the individual journey of key characters shows the importance of this tale. So, let’s witness the story of Draupadi, one of most enigmatic mythological characters ever this Sunday from 8:30 pm onwards only on Star Plus.


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