YouTube sensation Ashish Chanchlani yet again surprised his fans by releasing a new video within a month. The new video ‘Online Parent-Teacher Meeting’ was on a record-breaking spree soon after its release. Out of his previous 10 videos, ‘Online Parent-Teacher Meeting’ received 2 M views in just an hour and has crossed 11 M views till now. The video was trending #1 on YouTube and has received 1.9 M likes.

In this video, Ashish is seen playing multiple characters alongside Kunal Chhabhria whose actual role comes out as a funny twist in the end. The students fool the teacher every time he is trying to teach them. The scene where Ashish appears as Thanos from Avengers on the screen and makes every student vanish through his finger clap will surely make you go LOL. Ashish has been making us laugh with his unique content and this time he has gone all out to showcase the teacher and student's relation in his hilarious way. This video will make you laugh to the core and lighten up your day instantly.

Ashish Chanchlani said, "Releasing 2 videos in a month was a task but I am happy and surprised with the love my fans have showered on me and my content. I always wanted to explore the concept of online parent-teacher meetings because there was a time when such meetings used to happen in school and we all went formally dressed with our parents so that we make a good impression in front of our teachers. Due to the lockdown, the concept of the parents-teachers meeting has changed and this was the right time to hit it."

Records and Ashish go hand in hand. His video 'Tuition Classes aur Bacche', released in 2018 became the first video from a mainstream Youtuber to cross 100M views. The video portrays the funny incidents that take place in private tuitions. With 3.4 M likes and counting, the video takes us back to the priceless memories of the school days.