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Watcho, one of Bharat's fastest-growing OTT platforms, is proud to announce the premiere of "Manghadant", a thrilling murder mystery that will leave viewers spellbound. The series is packed with thrill, suspense, commitment with betrayal, and love with anger. It will take viewers on a gripping journey of emotional turnarounds and unveils deadly consequences that will keep them hooked till the very end. Directed by Sanjiv Chadha and produced by Sixth Sense Entertainment & Shaushaa Entertainment, this 8-episode web series in the Hindi language is set to premiere exclusively on the Watcho OTT platform on 14 April 23.

The tale revolves around the murder of Rachna Bakshi, the wife of the renowned movie writer, Madhav Bakshi. Captivating performance by Inspector Parth, the police officer, and the intriguing storyline is sure to keep the viewers hooked to their screens. The exemplary weaving of characters and twists will take viewers through strange and jaw-dropping scenarios with every episode.

Manghadant, a powerful character-driven series, boasts a powerful ensemble cast including Prince Rodde, Raju Kher, Ribbu Mehra, Dolly Chawla, Satyamvada Singh, Raunakk Bhinder, Sangeeta Odwani, Aanand Ajay, Shwet Sinha, Awez Khan, Ram Prasad Mishra, Samrridhi Chadha, Ankur Malhotra, and Praveen Baba, each bringing their own unique character to the forefront.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sukhpreet Singh, Corporate Head – Marketing, DishTV & WATCHO, Dish TV India Ltd. said, "Watcho endeavors to keep the viewers engaged with captivating content across varied genres. "Manghadant" is no exception to this ethos, as it promises to deliver an enthralling viewing experience. This nail-biting murder mystery is filled with suspense and intrigue, skillfully crafted with unexpected twists and turns that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Watcho is proud to bring this thrilling web series to its viewers, delivering on its commitment to offer high-quality, snackable content.”


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