As a six-year-old, nothing fascinated young Prabhakar Singh than to emulate his mother’s clay creations on the chulha and the rice containers. Soon, little cars with wheels that rotated, took shape as did clay tape recorders. The chulha turned the little one’s works into terracotta sculptures. The little one’s mother, his first teacher, never realised that her child, a poor farmer’s son from Bhagalpur in Bihar would be a prodigy one day.

Cut to today. World-renowned award-winning sculptor Prabhakar Singh readies for his next exhibition, his second at the prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery, with works that range from 6 inches to 11 feet. The clay works now are replaced by newer mediums like iron, brass, bronze, ceramic and wood. The energy and the fascinating quest to tame the mediums to mould to his hands and the energy to create and learn is the same, as is the simplicity of the artist who remains bound to his roots.

The inaugural ceremony of Prabhakar Singh’s show, Ensemble, in association with ArtZolo.com, was a star-studded affair. Spotted at the do were actors Mahima Chaudhry, Pooja Bedi and Rekha Rana, Vishal Singhal and Preeti Singhal of ArtZolo.com, Philanthropist Dr.Aneel Kashi Murarka, Vastu Specialist & Numerologist Basannt R Rasiwasia and artists such as Uttam Pacharne, Gautam Patole, Prithvi Soni, Vipta Kapadia, Vishwa Sahni, Maushmi Ganguly, Ananya Banerji, Rakhi Baid, Madhusudan Kumar, Neeti Hegde, Madhumita Bhattacharya, Sonu Gupta among many others.

“We all have two sides to us, a body that is sculpted by our skeleton that the world sees, and the inner side that one needs to feel, understand and respect. My works seek to showcase both.” Prabhakar Singh’s works are transparent and depict a sculpture within a sculpture. At times, the artist, who is also a romantic poet at heart, plays with verses on the inside, lending newer dimensions to his works. Each work is an ensemble of mini pieces, some as much as 5000 little pieces of metal clubbed to form a whole head. Hence the title, Ensemble.

The smaller subjects reflect daily life – a 25-work series; the mini sculptures mounted on canvas including nav rasas, five elements, family et al; the larger subjects are heads whose transparency represents goings on in one’s mind; the series on masks reflect facial expressions – a 25-work series. The artist will also release a book on his works over the last two decades, aptly titled ‘A Bearable Lightness’.

In the current show, ArtZolo.com, a leading online gallery representing professional and emerging artists, has associated itself with Prabhakar Singh to bring to you, a very innovative and fresh concept in sculptures.

Check out Ensemble by Prabhakar Singh at the Main Auditorium, Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, from 12th June 12 to 18th June, 2018.


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