&TV’s most entertaining reality show High Fever Dance… ka Naya Tevar has witnessed a plethora of surprising talents that have graced the stage. And ever since the glamourous diva Esha Gupta has taken a seat on the judge’s panel, everyone including the contestants have been left in an awe. In a very short period, Esha has found a special place in the hearts of all the High Fever contestants

In a recent episode, the contestants staged the most beautiful surprise for judge Esha Gupta, that the High Fever stage has ever witnessed. All the male contestants decided to put together a very romantic act serenading the gorgeous judge that they all admire. The contestants danced on ‘Tera Deedar Hua’ which made the act more special as it was from her movieJanat 2. Petals of roses showering from above, teamed with heart shaped balloons all over the stage, and a stunning performance, made it look like a beautiful scene from a romantic movie.

Watching this, Esha was left completely floored, overwhelmed with joy she said “Thank you thank you thank you so much! This was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me.” Thanking all the contestants she further added “Every girl dreams of being serenaded in such a way. With flowers showering and singing, I feel so lucky right now, I practically have boys of every age standing around me right now.” she laughs.

To know more, tune into High Fever… Dance Ka Naya Tevar, every Saturday-Sunday at 9:30pm, only on &TV!


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