Had to warn them to focus on the shoot and not their own photoshoot unless they wanted their phone to be taken away. Felt like being shouted at by a strict teacher back in school

We as viewers of entertainment are always in awe of the wonderful showcase of talent by the actors we witness every day on our television screens. We slowly grow on to become ‘fans’ of people who act, direct, shoot the masterpieces for us to an extent that we tend to give them a larger than life stature. We assume their daily routine and regular gestures to be something which might be far different than a common man. In reality these myths are often broken when actors share BTS (behind the scene) instances, videos and images from the shoot.

The set of Dangal Tv’s Aye Mere Humsafar is beautifully decorated for Payal’s (Urfi Javed) mehendi sequence. All actors were decked up and were in the celebratory mood. They took this occasion as an opportunity and went on a nonstop photography spree. Neelu Vaghela (Pratibha Devi) who plays Namish’s (Ved Kothari) mother in the show laughed as she remembered their actions and says, “All of us were really excited as we were dressed so beautifully for the sequence. We seemed to forget about our scenes and were constantly clicking pictures and selfies with various filters. The atmosphere was nothing less than a real wedding which we got to attend after a long time. It felt like a regular family function where these days the whole family forgets about the bride and groom and are obsessed with their own selves (selfies). In fact the director had to yell at us to stop doing it or he would have taken our phones away and wouldn’t leave us early. The feeling was like going back to school and being shouted at by a strict teacher for not paying attention.”

Being one of the silent spectators to the episodes, Rishina Kandhari who plays the role of Imarti Kothari said, “Urfi and Vaishnavi ma'am are the most selfie/photo obsessed people on set. They love making reels and click numerous photographs every now and then. This in a way keeps the atmosphere on the set lively and interactive all the time. As of me, I don't use my phone on set, so that way I have never been scolded by my director. I let others do the work for me. Either Hemant ji who’s playing my husband or Pooja or Neelu ji click my photos that too when director sir is not looking.”

Being a party to the obsession of clicking photos, Pooja Singh who playes Divya Kothari confesses, “The mehendi sequence was so lively and fun. It was after months that all of us got a chance to dress up like that. I wouldn’t deny that I am one of those people who is really fond of clicking pictures and taking videos. This time around it was that one particular filter which everyone went gaga over which put us in a selfie spree. Additionally the sequence gave us another reason to keep clicking (embarrassed). We had a lot of fun not only while shooting the celebration but also took back some good behind the scene memories.”

Well with these interesting stories it seems like they are just like us who really care about filling their gallery and Instagram feeds with beautiful photos at someone’s wedding.

Now that we know the Behind The Scene (BTS) of the sequence, we are sure we’ll enjoy watching the episode even more.


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