Why has Kunal Kapoor demanded his white shirt back from Kritika Kamra?

'Kunal kapoor loves his white shirt'

Recently Kunal Kapoor and actress Kritika Kamra were caught having an interesting exchange on twitter. Kunal demanded his white shirt back from Kritika. Kritika promised to return it on the 20th. ‘I keep asking her to give it back to me but she just refuses to give up on that shirt. I ll make sure I get it back on the 20th’, quips Kunal

For those of you wondering what's going on Kunal Kapoor is set to appear in an 18-minute short film, White Shirt. Kunal says ‘Its about two people, Aveek and Vani, and how this one white shirt holds them together when they start to drift apart.’ The directorial debut of writer Sumit Aroraa, has been made under the banner of Highway Films and presented by Royal Stag Barrel Select.

The film was shot on real locations over a period of 4 days. The director Sumit Arora says 'We shot on the streets, in a restaurant that was still serving food to customers on the side. I actually asked one of my friends to vacate the flat for 3 days. And then we painted the house and did the whole art according to the color palate that we wanted,’

It’s the kind of relationship story that you don’t see these days. It’s very intimate and personal, about small things, about flawed characters, and that’s what I liked about it,’ says Kunal when asked about what excited him to be a part of it.


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