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Wildcraft India Pvt. Ltd. (WIPL) embodies the spirit of “SELF-RELIANT” India: Make in India, by India, for India and the world - and is a pioneer in the outdoor & tactical gear category. Wildcraft’s brand philosophy has always been to encourage people to “rekindle the explorer within each of us, by embracing the uncertain and take the road less travelled! Today, when India & the world is grappling with fear and uncertainties and taking steps to adapt to the new normal, Wildcraft India – an Indian born brand takes their mission forward by entering the Personal Protective Gear (PPG) segment as a commitment to serve the nation during this unprecedented crisis.

This new normal requires one to relook at our ways, our beliefs, our attitudes & while we do this, at Wildcraft we believe we should use our passion as fuel & propel ourselves to embrace the uncertain. Being true to this belief, Wildcraft recently launched a versatile, functionally engineered, head to toe product line which included the tactical gear category. Under the tactical gear category, Wildcraft has developed an innovative 90-liter technical rucksack, that has been designed, developed & approved as the gear of choice recently for Indian Defense establishment. Wildcraft also developed a re-usable PPE coverall (Hz Series of Hazmats) to assist the Ministry of Textiles to overcome its urgent requirements & address the needs of Indian medics. Wildcraft India has also launched the Supermask™, with the proprietary filtration system for three types of particles. Each layer of the Supermask™ is engineered to filter out the coarser dust particles, bacteria and pathogens. It also offers effective splash resistance to prevent droplet penetration and moisture management with the super soft fabric. Wildcraft SupermaskTM has been approved by government accredited agencies as per the parameters specified by BIS. Priced at only INR 150 per piece, reusable Supermask adheres to highest quality and safety standards.

As Wildcraft India strengthens their PPG category, the India-born brand releases an inspirational anthem ‘Hain Taiyaar Hum’ that beautifully captures India’s vibrant diversity, indomitable spirit and its zeal for life. Composed by Abhishek Arora, sung in the uplifting voices of Nooran Sisters & conceptualized by Ogilvy India, the anthem aims to empower Indians to be prepared for the new order with a blend of safety, style & self-belief.

Talking about the anthem launch and their efforts to make the protective masks available for Billion India’s, Gaurav Dublish, Co-Founder said, “As part of our commitment to enable people rekindle the explorer within, Wildcraft – an Indian-born head to toe outfitter, that pursues MAKE IN INDIA truly in spirit, is equipping Atma-Nirbhar Bharat to set the tone for the world. To ensure Supermask™ is easily accessible to every citizen, we have also ramped up our distribution & are available across 1000+ cities in addition to 1,00,000+ retail points-of-sales across India. Additionally, we have also partnered with multiple platforms to augment our ability to create ACCESS & AWARENESS in these unprecedented times. We genuinely believe that each one of us has it in us to step-up with a fresh purpose & with a renewed zeal for life. ‘Hain Taiyaar Hum’ campaign is our clarion call to our nation to step-out with confidence & help them equip themselves to follow their passion.”

Mr. Siddharth Sood, Co-Founder, further added “In 2016, we forayed into the Tactical & Safety Gear category, & have recently innovated the ‘Wildcraft Supermask™’. Supermask™ comes with a proprietary filtration system and adheres to the Bureau of Indian Standards of quality & safety. We strongly believe that what is today a health crisis, & is evolving into an economic crisis, will also turn into a global environmental crisis with the mammoth amount of non-biodegradable disposables being left behind in its wake. At Wildcraft we have worked on revolutionary technology, that provides an exceptionally safe, stylish, reusable and hence an environment-friendly solution, at incredible prices.”


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