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Will Gokhale and Thakkar family lose Krishna in Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi

Sony SAB’s light-hearted family entertainer Bhakharwadi has had the audiences hooked on to their screens with the 7-year leap. While both the families have been trying their best to keep Krishna (Harminder Singh), Abhishek (Akshay Kelkar) and Gayatri’s (Akshita Mudgal) son, happy and away from the truth of the two families’ feud, the story takes a shocking turn.

Although the two families were successful in keeping the truth from Krishna as the pen drive with the recording broke, Mandar (Nitin Bhatia) gets it repaired and leaves it on the laptop. Eventually, Krishna accidentally listens to the recording and finally gets to know the entire truth of the clash between the families. Heartbroken, he locks himself in his room and doesn’t agree to meet anyone from the family. Gokhale and Thakkar family get extremely worried about Krish and try convincing him to come out of his room, only to be disappointed. They finally break into Krishna’s room, and are shocked to not find him inside. Everyone is out trying to find Krishna. However, to their surprise, Krish comes home with a lawyer and serves both the families with a notice that he wants separation from both Thakkars and Gokhales.

Will the families lose Krishna forever?

Akshay Kelkar, playing the role of Abhishek said, "No parent can see their child in pain. Abhishek and Gayatri, though are not together, they still care for their son. Now that Krishna has come to know the truth, they are worried about him but their challenges don't end there as another shock comes to them with Krishna serving them a notice expressing his desire to be separated. What happens next, is for the viewers to watch.

Deven Bhojani, playing the role of Anna said, “Both the families have been adamant in claiming their right over Krishna. Anna has made all the attempts to keep his grandson happy and away from the Thakkars. He is heartbroken on knowing that Krishna has requested for separation from the family. However, Anna will try everything to get the custody of his grandson and that involves a lot of twists and turns, but with guaranteed entertainment for the viewers.”

Stay tuned to Bhakharwadi, Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm only on Sony SAB


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