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Vishwa ka pehela Khelotsav gets even more exciting on Sony SAB

They said, winning is not the only thing, it is everything! Fans of Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama will soon discover this as Vijaynagar is all set to host Vishwa ka pehela Khelotsav. Khelotsav will feature exciting competitions across various sports such as kabaddi, arm wrestling to even boat racing.

Two teams, Vijayanagar and Durjangadh led by their Kings will witness a cut-throat competition between the kingdoms where everyone’s beloved Pandit Rama Krishna (Krishna Bharadwaj) will showcase his true talents even in the field of sports to support Vijayanagar.

After an intense Kabaddi match where Pandit Rama Krishna and wicked Pralay (Ajay Chaudhary) join hands and come out victorious in this intense battle of nerves, agility and strength. Vijayanagar has just won the first leg of Khelotsav with an exciting line-up of competitions ahead that will decide the fate of Vijayanagar. After an intense game of Kabaddi, Vijayanagar is getting ready to host a boat race between the two kingdoms. While the teams are busy preparing for the competition, evil Pralay is scheming to trick King Balakumara (Shakti Anand) into losing.

Buckle-up and get ready for some nail-biting and edge of the seat action as Khelotsav is all set to kick-off.

Krishna Bharadwaj, essaying the role of Bhaskar and Pandit Rama Krishna said, “Shooting for Khelotsav brought out my inner child. We shot for various competitions and it was a refreshing change all together. The viewers will witness the ultimate competition as Vijayanagar and Pandit Rama Krishna take on the field to win the battle of strength, agility and wit. We all were thrilled when the story was directed towards Khelotsav as it is unlike anything we have done before.

I am looking forward to witness our viewers’ reactions.”

Witness for the first time, Vishwa Ka Pehela Khelotsav every Monday – Friday at 7:30PM only on Sony SAB


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