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This week, Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya - Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey is heading towards an exciting storyline with Vandana (Pariva Pranati) getting an opportunity to participate in the Super Chef competition. In the upcoming episodes, the viewers will witness Rajneesh Wadhwa (Mehul Kajaria), the Head of a Food Channel, bestowing Vandana with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a chef competition.

With Rajesh (Sumeet Raghavan) and Vandana discovering the mystery behind the tiffin, Rajneesh Wadhwa makes an entry to the Wagle house and praises Vandana for her extraordinary cooking skills. He invites Vandana to the Super Chef Competition and asks her to compete with the other contestants to win this competition. Vandana is taken aback, and Rajesh asks for a day from Rajneesh to think over the matter as things have progressed quickly. The following day, Vandana is very enthusiastic and all set to leave for the venue of the competition. Little did she know that her path to victory would be filled with several obstacles, as an enemy disguised as a friend is all ready to spoil it for Vandana.

How will Vandana face the obstacles during the competition? Will she be victorious?

Pariva Pranati essaying the role of Vandana, said, “This is Vandana’s baby step towards doing what she loves and something she is exceptionally good at. She got an opportunity to showcase her cooking talent to the world, and I don’t think she could have been happier. The experience of shooting for this sequence was a lot of fun, and I had a great time shooting with Mehul. The upcoming episodes will be exciting for the viewers as they will watch Vandana navigate her way through the obstacles created by another fellow competitor. So, stay tuned and watch Vandana’s journey as a Chef.!”

Keep watching Wagle Ki Duniya - Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey from Monday to Saturday at 9 PM only on Sony SAB


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