Women’s desires #ForbiddenNoMore with MTV Big F Season 2

MTV, the iconic youth brand, is best known for echoing the opinions of the young for almost two decades now and with the changing mindset of the millennials, the brand is all geared up to launch the second season of a show that created waves, MTV Big F. The second season of MTV Big F delves deeper into the psyche of Indian women to explore their hidden desires and gives them the confidence to break free from societal taboos and claim their desires and their bodies. Giving wings to fantasies that are forbidden no more, MTV Big F Season 2 will be launching on 12th March at 7 PM on MTV. MTV has roped in actor Randeep Hooda as the host, who will be making his television debut with the show.

Randeep’s strong and hard- hitting voice and personality were reason enough for him to host the show and bring to the audience a potpourri of stories about the desires of women – sexual and otherwise – through MTV Big F Season 2. Known for his portrayal of gritty characters on screen, Randeep will be the voice of reason on the show, speaking directly to young men and women out there curious about their sexuality. Empowering women through tales that have long been kept under wraps, Randeep will get the audience thinking.

Commenting on his first stint at hosting a TV show, Randeep Hooda said, “When MTV approached me with Big F I instantly fell in love with the concept of the show. I like the fact that the show will revolve around women and their freedom to desire, to express themselves, to just be who they are. It's high time that we create shows that reflect what women really feel. It's good to see a youth channel like MTV take a step forward and try doing away with taboos surrounding a woman's desires. We need to let girls and women know that they're forbidden no more. Of course, this freedom should not be confused for lack of responsibility.”

Treading the untrodden path for the first ever time on Indian television by giving voice to female desires and fantasies, MTV Big F Season 2 will be an eye- opener for the youth of the country. Breaking barriers with fierce tales, the show will be giving a voice to female sexuality, a beast that has long been silenced. MTV Big F Season 2 will be bringing these sexually- liberating tales through tasteful representation on Indian television. Going on air on 12th March at 7 PM on MTV and on VOOT, the show will get the nation talking with the most daring portrayal of female sexuality.

So tune in to MTV on 12th March 2017 at 7PM to understand that orgasms have no gender!


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