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Over the last three decades, Zee TV has built a strong connect with its audiences through some inspiring narratives and endearing characters that have emerged as Bharat's favorite dinner-table companions. The channel is now set to present audiences with a new late primetime offering, Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na, a fairytale romance where the universe manifests a girl’s most deeply cherished dream – of being swept off her feet by her Prince Charming. A story that begins where most other stories end, the show follows what happens AFTER the realization of this dream. Premiering on 9th November and airing every Monday to Friday at 10 PM, Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na is the creative collaboration of Zee TV and the production house - Dome Of Entertainment led by Mohammad Morani, Mazhar Nadiadwala and Anil Jha.

The story begins from Set against the picturesque landscape of the princely state of Ambikapur, the story delves into the life of Krisha Chaturvedi (played by the charming Anjali Tatrari) a simple girl from Udaipur who moves into a magnificent

palace with hopes of beginning a new life with the man of her dreams, Prince Devraj Singh Rathore (played by popular television heartthrob Avinesh Rekhi). The latter on the other hand, is the current heir of the royal family of Ambikapur and has the charisma of a blue-blooded royal. Unlike Krisha’s world, Devraj’s family still lives in the glory of the Rajwadas and are staunch believers of tradition. Jaya Maa (played by the evergreen Rakshanda Khan) is the matriarch of the royal family. While she came to the house as a caretaker of the palace years ago, she soon became more like a sister to Devraj's father, Virendra Singh Rathore. After his untimely death, Jaya Maa became the sole in-charge of the Rathore mansion and has been responsible for its smooth running ever since. She is an elegant, glamorous woman with a royal demeanor and loves to socialize amongst her own.

Bringing the characters to life, Zee TV organised a special set walk-through of the imperial palace that forms the backdrop against which all the drama will unfold. The evening began with Krisha’s dream getting fulfilled with Devraj going down on his knees and proposing to her. The couple waltzed in front of the media followed by actor.

Rakshanda Khan as Jaya ma taking the media for a set tour and introducing the key show characters. Adding a touch of royalty, an extravagant and delectable daawat was also laid out for members of the media fraternity.

Zee TV Business Head Aparna Bhosle said, “Our upcoming fiction offering, Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na is a romance that begins where most other fairy tales end – the girl’s long- cherished dream of being swept off her feet by her Prince Charming comes true. Instead, our show focuses on what happens thereafter. Set against a backdrop of royalty, the show has been shot extensively in palaces across Udaipur. We have a stellar cast on board with the likes of Avinesh Rekhi, Anjali Tatrari, and Rakshanda Khan in pivotal roles. We are happy to collaborate with Mohomed Morani, Mazhar Nadiadwala and Anil Jha of Dome of Entertainment in bringing this epic romance to our audiences.”

Producers Mohomed Morani, Mazhar Nadiadwala and Anil Jha of Dome of Entertainment said, "We’ve all heard of fairy tales where long-cherished dreams eventually come true… Our story begins with this happy, fairy tale ending and goes on

to narrate what happens after our lead protagonists seem set for their ‘happily ever after’. Shot extensively in the most exclusive imperial settings of Udaipur and now in Mumbai, our story unfolds against the fascinating canvas of the lifestyles of the blue- blooded. We must add that it is great to have a channel like Zee TV backing our vision and helping us create a show of this scale and magnitude. We just hope everyone showers us with love and appreciation as the show goes on air from 9th November on Zee TV"

Anjali Tatrari, who plays the role of Krisha said, “Every girl looks for a happily ever after and Krisha’s no exception. She is a simple and positive girl who’s always dreamt of a knight in shining armour sweeping her off her feet. However, little did she know that the universe would manifest her long-cherished dreams in the form of Devraj proposing to her. I was looking for an opportunity where I get to play a character from a different genre all together and I bagged the role of Krisha. Portraying Krisha in a show of such great production values opposite an amazing actor like Avinesh is nothing short of a dream come true for me, so I can relate in my own way to Krisha’s journey of realizing her dreams. Her character and avatar are starkly different from my earlier role, and I can’t wait to see the audience’s response.”

Adding to her excitement, Avinesh Rekhi who plays the role of Devraj, mentions, “Ever since we did the initial narrations and the look tests for my character and heard the show’s plot, I have been quite kicked since I am playing a royal prince for the first time ever on television. The character is nothing like any of my previous roles, he is a complex personality to deal with, yet extremely charming in his mannerisms, which is what people love about him. We have begun our shoot on a great note in Udaipur and Mumbai and hope to have even more exciting and enriching adventures going forward. Hope the viewers support us in this new journey as well.”

Rakshanda Khan who plays the role of Jaya Maa adds, “Jaya Maa is a very polished character with a royal demeanour and someone who upholds the traditions of the royal family while having a brilliant, business-oriented mind. In fact, this is the first time I will be playing such a royal character and I hope everyone will enjoy seeing me in this imperial avatar. While bringing to life the several layers of this intriguing character will be quite the challenge, I believe the experience will only enrich me as an artiste. I hope our viewers enjoy watching the show.”

With Devraj finding himself caught between his love for Krisha and his duties towards the royal family and its legacy, is there truly a 'happily ever after' in store for Krisha after all?

To find out, stay tuned to Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na, which premieres on 9th November and airs every Monday to Friday at 10 pm only on Zee TV


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