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Thursday, June 7, 2018


COLORS’ upcoming show, Roop-Mard Ka Naya Swaroop that redefines the meaning on an ‘ideal man’ premieres on television screens from 28 th May. The show attempts to resonate a new though from ‘Beti Ko Beta Banao’ to ‘Beta Ko Bete Jaise Banao’ with the journey of an 8 year old boy, Roop (Afaan Khan).  Mitali Nag who plays the character of Kamla (Roop’s mother) in the show delivered a baby boy, Rudranssh, few months back. She has always loved kids and therefore has found motherhood a blessing. Even with the hectic schedules, supermom Mitali Nag travels with her son daily to the set. Her onscreen kids love to spend time with Rudranssh whenever they are free, especially Afaan Khan who has developed a special bond with him. 

Mitaali Nag says, “Its hard for me to leave my darling baby Rudranssh in a day care since he is still very small. I get to spend some quality time with him on sets and my on-screen babies also love having him around. On Sundays, my husband takes care of him since he has an off. Frankly, I prefer leaving my baby with a family member rather than a nanny. I feel that a nanny can never provide the love and care that a family member would. My Maasi who looked after me when I was a child also accompanies me to take care of Rudranssh. On the sets, my production team is extremely supportive. They let me spend time with him and they jump in when I’m in shot and calm him down if he is crying.”
Tune into COLORS’ from 28 th May to watch Roop- Mard Ka Naya Swaroop every Monday to Friday at 9pm 


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