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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

From celebrations with vibrant firecrackers to elaborate pandals that commemorate the victory of good over evil, the vigour and joy of the Dussehra festival may differ from place to place. However, the triumphant victory of Ravan’s death by Lord Ram has always been the constant and most popular tale narrated across India over years.


Celebrating this festival with a hint of comedy while narrating a prominent yet untold tale will be &TV’s popular comedy sitcom Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain. The show is set to bring forth all the residents of Modern colony in different avatars while presenting for the very first time a unique skit on Dusshera, ‘Ravan-Leela’. With our famous padosi, Vibhuti Narayan Mishra will portray Ravan’s strong brother, Vibhishana, the innocent Tiwari is also all set to surprise the viewers with his evil yet entertaining appearance of Ravan. Maintaining the grace and elegance of her style, the beloved Angoori Bhabhi will be seen playing the role of Ravan’s wife, Mandodari.


As the story brings forth Ravan’s unique tale in Lankeshwar, it also sets its humour in the perfect places by showcasing how each member of this show truly lives by their character in their regular day to day life. On one hand Angoori Bhabhi dressed in her royal outfit will be seen delightfully humming and watering the plants, on the other hand she will be seen sharing a romantic moment with her ten-headed beau in a poetic style. Bringing many more such hilarious and entertaining moments, the upcoming episodes are all set to take the viewers on a laughter riot this Dussehra.


Narrating his humorous experience on playing the role of Ravan, Rohitashv Gour a.k.a Tiwariji said, “It’s been a long time since all of us had a hearty laugh while playing these characters and donning their appearances. One could probably never imagine Tiwarji playing such a wicked character, but his attempt to stay true to Ravan’s persona while bringing in the humour is surely going to entertain the viewers. Portraying Ravan on-screen, and especially managing the 10 heads on my shoulder was such an amusing experience. There were times when I would turn around or come near a person, one of the heads would end up hitting someone or clashing into something. In a particular scene where I look downwards, the entire headgear actually toppled off! Like always we had an incredible time shooting for these sequences and I do hope viewers would enjoy watching the episodes as much as we did shooting for them.”


Sharing his thoughts on the sequence as well, Aasif Sheikh a.k.a Vibhuti Narayan Mishra said, “In this show we have always believed in adding a little quirky and edgy vibe to our stories, making it informative yet enjoyable. I believe this story too will bring a very different side of this festival to the audiences in a light hearted and entertaining way.”


Joining them in this entertaining act, in the most bizarre yet interesting appearances will be the most loved characters of the show Teeka, Malkhan, Tillu and Happu. 


Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain is all set to present Ravan-Leela, this Monday-Friday at 10:30pm only on &TV 


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