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In yet another case of atrocity on Sikhs in Pakistan, a 17-year-old girl named Bulbul Kaur, who is the daughter of Granthi of Gurdwara Panja Sahib Preetam Singh, was abducted 15 days ago by two Muslim men in Panja Saheb of Pakistan.

There is no news of Bulbul since then and her family is worried thinking that she may also be forced like Jagjit Kaur to convert into Islam and get married to a Muslim man.

"We are meeting J. P. Singh, Joint Secretary, Foreign Affairs, Incharge Pakistan Desk to urge them to raise this issue and seek justice," said Bulbul's family. In a video sent to Bulbul's father, she has expressed fear of being killed if she came back to her parents.

His father Pritam Singh has also filed complaint to the deputy commissioner of Attock in Pakistan in connection with this matter. As per Bulbul's father, she had gone to dump garbage in the street at 10 PM on August 31 and had not returned to home since then. He added when the family couldn’t find her, they lodged a police complaint and the police zeroed in on one Imran Masih, who was allowed to go after initial investigations.

According to Bulbul's father, she called him on September 15 and said she was in a ‘madrassa’.


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