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Is there love in what we commonly believe as bonds of love? What exactly is the nature of love? Is love a material reality or some abstract dimension conjured up by one’s mind that transcends the limits of human ken and wisdom? If that is so, why do people raise a ruckus if one nurtures multiple bonds of love? Rahul seeks the answers to these and many other questions as he negotiates the harsh realities of love and life. When you read through the lines of ‘Dil Dhoondta Hain’, a bestselling novel penned by Rakesh Madhotra, a novelist, screenwriter and a popular Bollywood personality, or its English version by the title ‘The Quest of Heart’, you can immediately connect with the unique adventure of Rahul, the protagonist of the story.

‘The Quest of Heart’ book is a love story of protagonist Rahul who finds love in many forms, some laden with the sweetness of honey while others that disjoint his peace and happiness into countless bits of pain.

Talking about this beautiful journey, author Rakesh Madhotra shared, “I am extremely delighted to experience the fact that my book is being so well appreciated that it is now being translated in English. As a debutant writer, I feel overwhelmed & speechless that I was able to do justice to the readers and they have loved it so much. Through ‘Dil Dhoondta Hai’, I have tried and shown the shades of love and the truth of it simultaneously which makes the book so exceptional. I hope that the English readers of my book are as relished to read the book.”

Does Rahul end up finding love? Is his attraction to so many women an indication of his immoral self? Will he finally be able to tell the real from the unreal? Most of all, does he find peace in the flux of life? These are some of the many questions to which ‘The Quest of Heart’ will provide answers masterfully.

Finding new keys to life’s confusions, landing up on different terrains. This book is a roller coaster of love, life and bewilderments and Rakesh-the Author, leaves no stone unturned while expressing these deliberations. The ones who missed on this beautiful story, go grab your copy English copy of ‘Dil Dhoondta Hai’ – ‘The Quest of Heart’ now and join Rahul on his mystical quest!


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