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The world of cinema has its own dynamics. The different roles each of the actors play have a different kind of impact, not just on their lives, but the audience too. And depending on the requirement of the role, the actor needs to either have a chiseled body like Hrithik Roshan in his latest movie ‘War’ or Kartik Aryan playing this role of an innocent youngster in ‘Love Aaj Kal’., It’s becoming increasingly important for every actor to define themselves in a certain way so they are able to give an outstanding performance! Here are some passionate actors who pushed their boundaries, reduced or put on a huge amount of calories, to get the best look on-screen in various web- shows and movies -

1. Aamir Khan for Ghajini and Dangal: We all know the perfectionist Aamir Khan is, that goes without saying, his efforts are seen in each small detail, to bring that perfection to his movies, which is one of the reasons these movies are ‘super hits’ most of the time. For Ghajini (2008), he confessed he had to eat every half hour!" His body underwent some significant transformation, starting from weight- gain, making a mark from 70 kg to 97 kg. This was followed by the exhausting phase of weight loss where he had to cut down to 9 percent body weight. Even for his outstanding performance in Dangal (2016), first he had to put on weight to play a role of a wrestler in the movie, and then he lost all that weight to play a younger version in the film. During this phase, the actor lost around 25 kgs to make a best fit in the movie. And undoubtedly, these are movies with good scripts and stories that we remember.

2. Rohan Shah in Dice Media- Firsts: To make a transformation from an adult to look like a teenager, Rohan Shah lost quite a bit of weight, let his hair grow, gave it a nice school-boy cut and colored it black, to showcase his best in a recently launched web series called – Firsts, to look his best in the school romance series. The series beautifully takes you through your school life and shows the magic of an innocent and tender school love. The small phases and the journey of the relationship of a boy and girl will definitely take you back to your school days, leaving you smiling about your first crush or love.

3. Ayush Mehra in Dice Media-Operation MBBS: Digital Star Ayush plays Nishant, this mischievous kid in the medical college, spoilt teenager who is forced to study in medical college only because of this father. Little did Ayush know that the character would need some kind of look to fit in the role of this notorious boy in Operation MBBS. He lost around 7 kilos to make himself look appealing as an MBBS student. He states working on the series was a lot of excitement and anxiety to play this kind of role as well, as he had never done this before with Dice Media. So he was stepping into something that was not the norm too. It was purely his passion to try, the different role that made him lose weight for the show.

4. Sonakshi Sinha for Dabbang: Her journey has been an inspiration as well, as she was obese before entering cinema. From 90 kgs to following a strict diet plan, she lost 30 kgs and brought down her weight to 60 kgs. Her efforts were followed by her success in Dabbang which was her Bollywood debut starring with Salman Khan.

5. Alia Bhatt for Student of the Year: Alia Bhatt had to lose 20 kgs, to make her debut role in Student of the Year, within 6 months. With her determination and dedication she lost 16 kg in just three months, which was phenomenal. She was always chubby as a child, but she really worked hard to become as fit and in shape that she is today.


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