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Ankur Rathee, spoke about his latest web show Brochara 2. The show, streaming on Voot is a slice-of-life show which explores the bromance between four friends and delves into the nuances of male bonding.

Talking about the USP of the show, Ankur Rathee said, "I think our show really flips the concept of masculinity on its head. Often the manly hero in our cinema is shown to suppress his emotions and struggle to communicate his feelings, but in Brochara we are a group of friends who not only share our deeply personal problems, but also welcome each other's advice no matter how embarrassing the issue. It's not just a feel-good series about 4 guys goofing around, but actually tackles some of the real-life problems men face today. I think the beauty of our friendship on this show is that despite being in very different stages of life (single, live-in, newlywed, pregnant) we make an effort to understand each other even though we don't have all the answers. Sometimes being a good friend means being a good listener."

Talking about his role, Ankur said, "I play Abhimanyu, who fresh off the heels of a break up, prematurely throws himself back in the dating scene. Like many young men, he believes physical intimacy with many partners will help him find "the one" or at the very least move past his ex. However, his body doesn't cooperate with his plan and he finds himself struggling with erectile dysfunction. With 52 percent of men experiencing some form of erectile dysfunction in their lives, it's not as uncommon as we think. Nonetheless, given how much we associate our masculinity with this organ, the slightest hiccup in the bedroom can really impact our self-esteem. I think Abhimanyu's story is very important to share so that young men out there know that they aren't alone."

Off screen, Ankur has a real life brochara with Gandhaar Kadam, he says. "Gandhaar is the best listener known to man. An absolute gem of a human being and a talented artist. A brother to me through all my ups and downs and soon he will be my actual brother-in-law."


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