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Five young and dynamic independent artists came together to release what is evidently the ultimate Pop track this season, ‘Befizool’. This latest release from the house of Big Indie Bang takes us back to the 90s with its classical- faded theme. Composed by Soham Mukherji, Darcy, Sahir, AAKASH and The Rish, the fun and energetic song has all the right chords to get listeners hooked.

An offbeat take on present day love, Befizool is all about putting all the pretenses aside and focusing on the love two people have for each other. While adding their grand charisma into the score, Sahir, The Rish and Darcy touches upon the lyrical theme and talks about being upfront in a relationship, be it good or bad.

Fused with the artists; flair and panache, the video reflects the aesthetics and aspirations of 90s’ music in Bharat through a larger than life vibe. Adding a unique theme to today's independent music space, the song is a host of quirky rhymes and destructive beats. Sahir and Ajinkya don the director's hat with the music video for this track.

An incubator for up and coming artists to broaden their reach, Big Indie Bang has been leveraging exceptional talents from across the country, ensuring their music reaches newer markets and bigger platforms. “The Indie scene will grow from such collaborations and we’re stoked to be supporting the vision of these artists”, said singer- songwriter Raghav Meattle, Head, Big Indie Bang.

Backed by the label Big Bang Music, Big Indie Bang is an incubator for new artists to take their music beyond their core fans to new markets, platforms and eventually, as a collective change the definition of ‘commercial music’ in Bharat.

The indie pop label designed and shot the song with the artists. Experience the visual reat accompanying Darcy and Soham's striking composition .


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