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Railways is playing a proactive role in the lives of many needy patients during the time of Global crisis due to Corona virus Pandemic. Railways have received gratitude and praises for their spontaneous and prompt action for serving many patients including pregnant women.

Bhusaval Division:

On 14th May 2020, a message received for medical help requirements in General Coach of train no. 01831 Pune – Gorakhpur Shramik Special. When the train arrived on Platform No. 2 at Bhusaval station at about 6.15 am, Dr. Kamlakar Gorakh, Divisional Medical Officer, Bhusaval along with his medical team accompanied by Deputy Station Manager and Railway Protection Force staff attended the passenger. Railway doctor checked

Mrs Savitri Devi, was in labour pain and delivered a baby boy weighing 2.6 kg inside the coach at Bhusaval railway station. Following the delivery, she was immediately shifted to Bhusaval Divisional Railway Hospital. The following day, the team Bhusaval division made arrangements for the patient and relatives to go back home by another Shramik special train. Mrs. Savitri Devi and her relatives were full of gratitude and thanked Indian Railways for the prompt action by Medical, RPF and operating and commercial teams of Central Railway.

Bhusaval Division:

On 30th May 2020, when 01856 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – Basti Shramik Special train arrived on Bhusaval station at about 01.03 am, passengers informed on duty Deputy Station Superintendent, Bhusaval that a woman travelling in General Coach of the train delivered a baby girl in the train before 2 hours. Dr. Harika, Railway Medical Officer with the Medical team and RPF staff checked Smt Tayara Khatun w/o Salimullah Khan, Resident of Govandi, Mumbai. Dr Harika found mother and baby were normal. All kinds of medical assistance provided by team Bhusaval division.

Nagpur Division:

On 17th May 2020, a call received for want of doctor to attend train No 02162 Shramik special at Nagpur informing a pregnant lady named Eswari Rajendra Yadav-F-23 travelling in S-8 with family members from Haridwar to Bilaspur delivered a baby in train before reaching Nagpur. Message given to the railway doctor who immediately attended the train. Dr. Mangesh with other lady staff attended and provided medical aid. Both mother and baby were safe.

Besides the above-mentioned few examples, Central Railway during the course of this lockdown has quenched the thirst of survival of many ailing patients by providing help and earned commendations. The people travelling by Shramik trains were overwhelmed seeing Indian Railways team’s co-ordination, dedication and responsibility beyond the call of their duty.


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