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Pune - Central Railway’s Safety Department is battling Coronavirus in a most silent and very effective way for the safe movement of Shramik Special Trains, ensuring safe travel of migrants from various locations of Central Railway and also movement of goods/parcel trains. Every day, several Shramik Special Trains run from various stations over Central Railway to different destinations besides running several goods and parcel trains to ensure the supply of essential commodities like food grains, medicine, coal, petrol, diesel, kerosene & other essential things like milk, vegetable & other essential/emergency services over Indian Railways.

Safety department of Central Railway plays a very important & essential role in safety of these train operations. It is a multi-disciplinary department analysing unusual in train operations and highlight deficiencies for taking corrective action. During the lockdown period, the safety officials continuously counsel staff & prevent them from unsafe working. Safety officials also keep vigilant watch on general sanitation & use of hand sanitizer, masks, social distancing apart from time to time instruction. In order to run trains safely across India, counselling and updating of the safe working of its staff is a continuous process.

During lockdown, overcoming the limitations of mass counselling to maintain social distancing, Safety Department has come up with an innovative idea of digital online counselling with creative module to sensitize and update the staff regarding safe operations of trains.

Central Railway Safety Officials/Counsellors’ work meticulously on all divisions-Bhusaval, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Solapur with lot of dedication during this lockdown period fighting against Covid-19. One such silent warrior Shri Vijay Kashinath More a dedicated Safety Counsellor (Traffic), working with Bhusaval Division showed great devotion to duty and dedication to ensure safe train operations. Mr. More, used latest digital technology to e-council the staff like Station Master, Loco Pilot, Guard not only of Bhusaval Division but whole of Central Railway. The digital presentation of ‘Sanraksha Pravachan’ created by Mr. More used commonly spoken & easily understandable Hindi words on the topic like rules of shunting, caution to be taken by Station Master while operating the traffic movement, parting & dividing of train, working of train during all communications fail, action to be taken when train stalled on gradient, shunting rules, signal defects, different train working authorities, different engine whistle codes, panel operation and duties of Loco Pilot, Station Master, Guard, Section Controller in case of accident.

Shri Prakash Bhutani, Chief Safety Officer and Shri Vivek Gupta, DRM, Bhusaval inspired Mr. More to create such an innovative & interesting ‘Sanraksha Pravachan’ on various safety aspects of train operations. He also prepared a safety quiz to improve the knowledge of the Staff. All through his preparation of the e-module, he was guided by Shri K. P. Krishnan, Dy. CSO, Central Railway. This e-counselling effort created by Mr. Vijay More, have proved to be a great motivation and was helpful for the staff to update their knowledge to ensure the safety aspects of rail passengers & goods. The creator of ‘Sanrasksha Pravachan’ Mr. Vijay More is one of the silent warrior in the fight against Covid-19.


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