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Station Manager, Motormen and Guards, Ticket Checking Staff and RPF personnel, staff involved in asset maintenance, Control office and team CR working 24X7 to operate select suburban local trains from 15.6.2020.

For the essential staff as identified by the state government, Central Railway is running selected suburban services on its Main Line and Harbour Line section wef 15.6.2020. A total of 200 services (100 down and 100 up) are being run, out of which 130 services are being run on the main line between CSMT and Kasara / Karjat / Kalyan / Dombivali / Thane. And 70 services are running on the harbour line between CSMT and Panvel

Ms. Mokshi Jain, working as a Medical Officer at Sion Dental Hospital said that the commencement of Mumbai suburban train services for the essential staff as identified by the state government will help greatly. She said she is thankful to Indian Railways.

Ms. Sheela Singh, Staff Nurse, said that when the Mumbai suburban train services started for the essential staff as identified by the state government, felt very happy. Earlier the travel by bus used to take a lot of time, now I can comfortably get to the hospital and thank very much to the Railways.

Motormen, guards, station managers, RPF and ticket checking staff, Control staff , staff involved in maintenance activities and other staff, under the guidance of senior officers of Central Railway, are playing an important role in transporting the essential staff in this crisis. Railway employees have been instructed to wear masks, frequent hand wash and strictly observe social distancing.

Special attention to social distancing:

Considering social distancing, only 700 passengers have been allowed to travel per train, as against the seating capacity of about 1,200 persons.

Social distancing at Stations and in local trains

Social distancing is being followed at all the stations where the trains stop. Viz. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Dadar, Thane and Kalyan stations etc. Marking at more than 1 mtr has been done to maintain social distancing. Security personnel have been deployed at various stations to form queue and smooth handling of crowd. TTEs have deputed to ensure convenience of valid ticket traveller.

Sanitising of station and suburban trains

In order to prevent the infection of coronavirus, the work of cleanliness and sanitization at suburban stations is going on continuously and the work of sanitization of suburban trains is also being done continuously.

People are requested not to believe in any rumour and not rush to the stations as these selected suburban trains are being run only for the essential staff as identified by State Government.


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