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Let’s admit it! We all have that one on-screen crush we just can’t get over! We can watch their scenes again and again, follow them on Instagram rather religiously for any new update and sometimes even have their poster stuck behind our clothes in the wardrobe. They make you go aww that you skip a heartbeat!

Today, web series have made way to most millennials hearts and have created a new era of chocolate boys who make you drool over them with their personalities and outstanding performances.

The young and talented Ayush Mehra is one such actor who is definitely here to make you go head over heels with his fun loving and innocent roles, he plays in popular digital shows.

He has been a popular face in FilterCopy videos along with ‘Please find attached’ – a mini web series by Dice Media. This small town Punjabi boy born and brought up in Mumbai is well on his way to stealing hearts! Here’s where you can catch more of him –

1. Operation MBBS by Dice Media - Dice Media’s latest series Operation MBBS captures a beautiful slice of four MBBS students’ lives and Ayush plays the central role in this web-series. These young scholars make their way to one of the best MBBS colleges in the country and they eventually become the greatest of friends, navigating through the trials and tribulations of becoming a doctor.. Ayush stars alongside divas Sarah Hashmi and Anshul Chauhan in the lead roles. The web-series starts with showing Ayush as a spoilt brat, who’s forced in tombs by his father and how he transforms from being a careless student to realizing the precious gift of becoming a doctor, forms the crux of Operation MBBS.

2. Love On The Rocks by MensXP: This web- series beautifully captures the journey and emotions of the couple when the family arranges a marriage. Ayush plays this role of a complete gentleman accepting the girl who cheated on him. The sheer humility is something that makes the girl go thinking, realizing his true love for her And, maybe one should agree (beyond this plot, of course) that we all want our partner to be as accepting and loving as he was in the series.

3. Minus One by Just Human things: This series is about a couple who used to live together but end their relationship, and later live together as flatmates. Ayush plays a dynamic guy in a relationship with the girl, to moving on to a person who’s comfortable being flatmates with the very same girl. All the little moves Ayush makes to make his ex-girlfriend feel comfortable will leave you feeling hopeful.

4. Love By Chance by ‎Bindass: In this romantic comedy television series, Ayush plays an innocent yet naughty boy who serendipitously finds love. The series will take you on a merry-go round, and you will definitely reminiscence all the funny and innocent things that you have done as a youngster in your relationships.

While all these characters may be different, but Ayush does have a sense of innocence in all his roles that will make you drool over him. So sit back this weekend, check out these must watch shows starring Ayush Mehra, that take you back on thinking, what if you had a boyfriend like him?? Or if you do have one like him.


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