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~ The one minute long, 24-episode series is a first-of-its-kind in the Indian industry ~

Dice Media's first-ever Instagram-based web-series, Firsts has set a new record; it has garnered a whopping 16 million views on Instagram alone, and a total of 26 million views including YouTube and Facebook! The web-series, directed by Nayana Shyam, explores the significant firsts in a relationship, beautifully capturing an innocent school romance between popular digital actors Rohan Shah and Apoorva Arora.

Nayana Shyam, Director of ‘Firsts’ says “Directing ‘Firsts’ was honestly a nostalgic experience for me. It transported all of us back to the time when we were teenagers. Nothing was too childish, even romance was enjoyed in the most innocent way and moments were created naturally. The videos are just one minute each but Pranav (writer) and I along with our actors Rohan and Apoorva really challenged ourselves to bring the best out and get those moments right! The fact that we laughed, aww-ed and stupidly smiled throughout the shoot, reflects in the episodes quite evidently. And seeing the show perform so well, just makes me feel proud of all the efforts the team has put in. That for me was the best satisfaction moment on the show front. I'm truly humbled that the audience loved Rohan and Apoorva’s Firsts as much as we did while making it."

Firsts is an honest attempt to connect with school-going audiences and rekindle nostalgia among other audiences, by showing the magic of a tender school romance and highlighting the first significant moments of a relationship, that everyone has definitely experienced at some point in their lives. The Instagram-based web-series has garnered more than 8,000 comments overall, with each episode being watched by an average 500K+ viewers! 'Firsts' has been loved so much that audience are already requesting the makers to come up with Season 2! After all, can any amount of ‘Firsts’ be truly enough !?!


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