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How does one capture the sound bustling life thriving deep inside the jungles? What dulcet tones must one use to recreate the song of the waterfall and the ballad of the wind? To create music for a documentary about wildlife is no easy task. But that’s where a musical maestro shows his brilliance. Adding music to the magic of wildlife is Grammy Winner Ricky Kej who has now created an exclusive peppy remix especially for the newly launched video. The full music video will be available in the free section of Discovery Plus app and on Discovery Plus YouTube channel. Audiences can also audio-stream the Wild Karnataka - Remix on Gaana App.

Wild Karnataka, to be released on Discovery Plus this World Environment Day, 5th June 2020, at 6:00 am, on Android, iOS and on the desktop / mobile web on, focuses on the biodiversity that flourishes in Karnataka. Discovery Plus will stream two short-form videos on Wild Karnataka in the free section.

Accompanied by powerful voices of Sir David Attenborough (in English), Rajkummar Rao (in Hindi), Prakash Raj (in Tamil and Telugu) and Rishab Shetty (in Kannada) narrating the film, the music matches the rhythm of the forest, ebbing and flowing with the pulsating beat of the animals that reside in it. It takes the viewers on an unforgettable journey into the jungles and through the waterfalls of Karnataka.

Talking about the launch of new musical video, Ricky Kej, said, “I create music only on the environment and sustainability. I want the young generation to be conscious about our environment and focus on sustainability. For the newly launched video, I have created a fusion of the east and the west, where Electronic Dance Music has been amalgamated with Hindustani, Carnatic and Indian folk elements. It is a remix of the music I created for the Wild Karnataka film. Musically, I have tried to portray that every living being is an important part of our eco-system in a fun and peppy way"

Talking about the music video, Prakash Raj, said, “Every element of Wild Karnataka shook me – the unprecedented boldness of the attempt to encapsulate the beauty of wild India in such a beautiful way has never done before. The music, every second of you, reminds you, and makes you ride along the rhythm of wild. The newly launched video is a crisp and peppy representation of Wild Karnataka.”

Rishabh Shetty, added, “The music deftly reiterates the fact the every being on view is Indian, and I sway along with musical notes, up and down, much like our ancestors do in the wild of Karnataka jumping from one branch to another with glee. I love the newly launched video, as it sure, will garner attention of the youth of India.”

Karnataka is the home to some of the richest wild places on the planet and boasts of a rich biodiversity, most of which is still unknown to the public. Interestingly, one quarter of India’s plant and animal species are found here, many of which are still unknown to the people of India. The film appreciates the efforts of the people, government and the Forest Department of Karnataka, who are committed towards saving some of the greatest natural history for the future generations. Further, the movie spotlights the efforts of the government of Karnataka to save tigers and elephants as the state is a home to of these majestic animals than anywhere else in the world. The money raised by the filmmakers of Wild Karnataka will do directly to the Tiger Foundation of Karnataka forest Department. WILD KARNATAKA sends a message of hope not just across India but across the whole world.


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