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An IQA Award Winner, this 24 year old stunning model-turned-DJ is being talked about and in the town as the Best emerging Female DJ.

Since her college days this gorgeous was into modeling industry, having done several campaigns for known brands, she stumbled into Deejaying in 2017.

Talking about the same, Mariya said “I was quite a chilled out personality as a model who also loved music. It all happened out of the blue, I was with a friend of mine, where I got a chance to play the part of a DJ momentarily, but that gig instantly hit the chords of the people listening to my mix, and thus began my journey of being labeled as the hottest DJ in Town - DJ Mariya"

Being from Mumbai, she became an instant hit among the masses and started travelling all across the happening cities of India. She displayed her immense potential with her gigs with Doorbeen and other top artists.

She is busy working on 3 new Remixes which are slated to be launched sometime in next month.

While the fashion industry would miss this damsel, let’s give this pretty damsel, who incidentally is the most sought after DJ in page 3 circles, a chance to showcase her craft.


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