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Dr. Naavnidhi.K.Wadhwa is a name synonymous to achievement. Her journey is an inspiration to every other human in this world. Her life is an exemplary principle of the fact that it’s our own determination and hard work that makes us reach the pinnacle of success.

The event was an initiative by Dr. Harbeen Arora, who is the founder of WEF (Women Economic Forum) which is one of the largest women’s networks with the widest outreach, empowering women’s entrepreneurship and leadership at all levels. WEF is held annually in India and regionally in different parts of the world.

The guest list included women achievers from different walks of life who had come together from different parts of the world. It was a sight to behold when Dr. Wadhwa who was invited at this Event at The Taj Delhi, where she not only enlightened the audience narrating her journey rather was also honored with the “Exceptional Women of Excellence” award because of her never ending zeal to do best for the society.

She spoke about her journey from a quiet, demotivated small town girl to one of the most sought after celebrities of today.

Dr. Naavnidhi .K.Wadhwa is not only the reigning Mrs. Asia Woman of the Universe rather is an avid social activist and a renowned life coach. She is the founder of “Rapid Evolution” with the sole aim of making people aware of their inner strength and potential.


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