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Kathmandu - Protest erupted in front of the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu over Chinese construction in northern Nepal district of Humla. Protestors carrying banners were heard chanting "Go back China" and "Back off China" slogans. The protestors were carrying pictures of the Chinese construction activity Humla as well.

According to Nepali media, China has built 11 buildings in Humla with a border pillar missing. In one of the building, Chinese security forces live, while others are empty. Chair of Namkha Rural Municipality told Kathmandu post that, "Chinese side claimed that the area where the houses are built falls within the Chinese territory".

Nepali Home Ministry is expected to come out with a report on the developments after a visit by a team of government officials to the area.

Chinese mission in Nepal has reacted to the development. A spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu said, "China and Nepal are friendly neighbours. China has always respected Nepal's sovereignty and territorial integrity. The building mentioned by the media has been verified to be on the Chinese side of the China-Nepal border and Nepali side may make verifications again. China and Nepal have no territorial disputes. The two sides have always maintained close communication on border affairs".

This issue came into light when the president of the local village council, Vishnu Bahadur Lama, went on a visit to this territory. He revealed that China soldiers had completed the building construction in the Limi village of Lapcha village. He was even prevented from going to the side of the village where the construction had taken place.

Lama claims that he even tried to speak to the Chinese forces in vain and they did not respond and he was even told to go back. After denied entry into the region, he took a few pictures of the newly-constructed building by Chinese PLA in the territory on his mobile phone — which show the buildings were erected nearly 2 kilometres into Nepali territory.


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