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This year COLORS Dance Deewane has showcased the true deewangi for dance by bringing together an interesting plethora of contestants from different age groups and backgrounds. One such contestant is a 6-year-old Gunjan who has mesmerized the judges with her impeccable dance and endless swag. With her constant mind-blowing performances, she has won the crown of the hip-hop queen by guest judge Nora Fatehi. To add to her gleaming list, is the special bow down by Dharmesh, in the past episode to commend her.

In the last episode, Gunjan’s guest mentor and popular choreographer Ruel had performed on ‘Mere Gully Mein’, who is also the man behind the original choreography. This time again both will be seen performing on ‘ Tujhko Mirchi Lagi Toh' that will be followed by an iconic seeti by Madhuri. The guest for the evening Sidharth Shukla commented, “ You are not only the queen of hip-hop but a dancing queen too. People are saying you deserve to be in Top 8 and even Top 3 but I feel that you will win the show.”

There is more, choreographer Ruel will surely surprise her when he will invite her to be a part of his hip-hop troop, ‘I am Hip Hop’ by bestowing her with a gear kit for their dance crew. Later the group bowed down in respect and appreciation for Gunjan and Sidharth Shukla joined them too.

Watch Dance Deewane every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm only on COLORS


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