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'Ping Pong Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.'s 'Ping Pong' OTT platform, the trailer of the new Big Budget Hindi web series 'HIDDEN' was launched. The mega web series 'HIDDEN' will be released on the OTT platform on July 16. The wait, curiosity was quenched today in the presence of dignitaries including artists and technicians from 'HIDDEN' at the 'The Club' in Mumbai. There is a lot of curiosity about ‘HIDDEN' and the answers of the secret will be revealed on the 'ping pong' OTT platform.

HIDDEN Is a 7 Episodes Web Series with 3 seasons, it’s a fictional story based on police, crime, drugs, killing and suspenseful angles. One night Pradeep Raje (ACP Crime Branch) gets a call at 2-2:30 midnight from his reliable source (Halka) that a guy is going to get murdered in a jail, Raje can’t rub this info off, as halka has helped in the past and he is genuine in his inputs Informing this to his commissioner yeshwant Naik, he gets on with the work who along with his 3 officers (Sandeep, Prabhakar & Umar) is on a mission to save a college student (Samay Dixit) from being killed by an unknown killer. Police officer Raje, has to personal look into this case, as it is closely followed by commissioner of police (Yeshwant Naik) which has reason to it, will be revealed as the story progresses. Story travels in present along with the flashbacks of (College Period) about him and his group Flashback also brings the shades of Neeti, Jane & Manan (Samay’s friends). As of shockingly now SAMAY is in jail and has being termed for life imprisonment as a “Murderer” and is been accused of killing his best friend Manan Shah. Raje takes him in his custody to see a murder attempt on Samay in his custody which takes this whole event on the different tangent. Story has suspense, crime and drugs angle to it, which take turns until the truth prevails, which shocking revelations and grey characters coming out with suddenness which were “HIDDEN”. Why Samay has threat to his life? Will Raje be able to save him? What has happened in the past of Samay which has made him a murderer? Or is there any different reality to it? If so, what that reality will be?

Ping Pong Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. has launched a new OTT platform, Ping Pong, exclusively for Indian audiences and around the world. On this OTT, viewers will get to see very different and attractive new web series, web movies, Bollywood, Hollywood movies as well as other entertainment shows. Speaking on the 'HIDDEN' web series, Jeevan Babanrao Jadhav, CMD, said, “Content should not be language barrier, we have provided the content that the audience wants and will continue to do so in the future. We will bring the latest content to the people with the best code, artists, technicians. HIDDEN will be presented on Ping Pong Entertainment OTT app and will be available to viewers from July 16, and the important thing is that we have shot these 7 episodes in just 15 days at various locations during the Pandemic. The Trailer is done and I'm sure the audience will love it. "

Ping Pong's channel head Chettan DK said, "The most important things in today's life are ROTI, KAPDA, MAKAAN, & Mobiles... Most of the people in the world today have smartphones and with that, we can give people the best content. Ping Pong Entertainment. When the concept of HIDDEN came to me, we immediately finalized it because of its great story, screenplay, and dialogues. Congratulations to all the producers, directors, actors, and technicians on filming ‘HIDDEN’ exactly how it was written.”

Writer-director Vishal Sawant said, "Everyone in the audience is very curious about HIDDEN. Viewers need to watch all three seasons of this web series. It will be seen in Dark shade genre. All the characters are fictional. 'HIDDEN' depicts the story of the gangster world. Fast-paced incidents between criminals and police will captivate the audience. The poster of 'HIDDEN' with dark look is generating intense curiosity."

'HIDDEN' has been produced by Vishal P. Salecha & Mahesh Patel for ''Ping Pong Entertainment Pvt. Ltd'. And is written and directed by Vishal Sawant. Filmed by Kamal Singh and music directed by Rashid Khan. 'HIDDEN' stars Santosh Juvekar, Sanjay Sonu, Dakssh Ajit Singh, Jeet Singh, Manveer Choudhary, Pankaj Mishra, Rajat Verma, Rohit Parshuram and Sandeep Pathak.

To enjoy the original entertainment, you need to go to the Google Play Store or Appstore and download the Ping Pong app, or go to to download the app.


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