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Charu Asopa – the famous Indian telly actress who is known for her stint on small screen has been in news recently surrounding her personal life. The actress who recently tied the knot with Bollywood’s famous star Sushmita Sen’s baby brother Rajeev Sen is said to have hit a bump in her married life. But with recent posts of them doing a video call that was shared on social media is pretty evident that all is well in their marriage town. With that being said, the actress recently bagged a role with Star Bharat’s upcoming new show Akbar Ka Bal…Birbal. She will be seen essaying the character of Heera Bai alongside an exciting star-cast inclusive of the powerhouse of talent Ali Asgar as Akbar, Vishal Kotian as Birbal and Aditi Sajwan as Rani Saheba. Charu was all excited when we got a chance to speak to her and it feels great to see her in such positive light. When spoken to her she said....

Tell us about your show?

Akbar Ka Bal…Birbal is a show that will showcase the unique relation of Akbar and Birbal which has never been witnessed on any frontline GEC's. Their amazing stories have been popular amongst all age groups and are enjoyed by all. Akbar Ka Bal…Birbal will unfold the friendly and joyful association between Akbar and his favorite courtier Birbal, who is known for his mighty wit and wisdom. The show will showcase interesting narratives unfold about how the king time and again tested the judgements and clever insights of Birbal to help him out of all his professional and personal problems

What made you say a yes to the character and to this show?

I was really happy and excited when I got called to be a part of Akbar Ka Bal…Birbal alongside an amazing star-cast with a great story line. I will be seen essaying the character of Heera Bai one of Akbars wife, who was raised in a privileged family. She is intellectual, beautiful and charming at the same time. Also, the show is so well scripted to bring happiness and joy to our viewers in these trying times was also one of the major reason for me to say yes to this show

Tell us how you have specially prepared for the character of Heera Bai in the show?

The character of Heera Bai plays an important role in Akbar Ka Bal… Birbal’s journey. I have been doing my homework since the day I was locked for this character. I am also attending online acting and theatre workshops to brush up my skills. Also, we have Ali Sir the pioneer of comedy presence on screen, his tips and tales always help me enhance and portray my character on screen in a more exciting way.

How is your look going to be in the show?

My look on the show is very glamorous and exciting. I have been given a very traditional back in the day look where I will be seen wearing kundan jewellery with a huge nose-ring. My attire is in a pastel color scheme and I am very thrilled with my look on the show and I am very thankful to my makers and designer for creating such a beautiful look for me, I truly feel like a queen from back in the day (laughs)

During this time of pandemic many of the artist have started doing their own makeup. Are you among them or does the makeup artist do it for you?

Yes, I do my own makeup. I believe that we are the one who know our face better than anyone else, so, I have always preferred doing my own makeup. This is also one way for us to take precautions while shooting during this pandemic and help in promoting social distancing.

How does it feel to make a comeback in a daily soap?

It feels great first of all to be a part of Akbar Ka Bal…Birbal. I am truly blessed and honoured to have got an opportunity to play the character of Heera Bai in the show. To be in front of the camera has always been my thing. Standing at 10 years in the industry, I still feel butterflies in my stomach when I am doing a new show. It’s been almost a year that I have been far from the shoots and now that I am back and that too with such a great and humorous show makes me feel lively, happy yet a little nervous. I am looking forward for the show and hoping that I do justice to my character.

How is the show different from the shows that have come before?

Akbar Ka Bal…Birbal is based on the unique relationship between Akbar and Birbal which has never been witnessed on any frontline GEC's. The show promotes lateral thinking; as life is full of complex situations and problems, the trick lies in finding a solution to a problem without panicking and staying calm and using your presence of mind. It also showcases our strong cultural values and heritage thru the characters and their unique way of imparting lessons in a witty way in todays’ time

Do you believe your character will be overshadowed in the likes of India’s finest comedian Ali Asgar?

Well it feels great to share screen with the very talented and legendary; Ali Asgar himself. He is one such person I have adored a lot. I believe that the audience are smart enough these days to understand the characters and what importance they have in the show. The character of Heera Bai has a lot of scope in terms of the presence on screen. There are hardly any chances for the character getting overshadowed, because at the end of the day you are being recognized for the character that you are playing.

Back to shoot life post the lockdown. What are your views?

I'm super excited to be back on shoot. Like every artist I felt like I was coming home. Things have changed but the vibe has remained same. There is a different kind of happiness that comes while facing the camera. Speaking in terms of safety, a lot of precautions have been taken. Proper sanitization and safety measures are taken, in and around the shooting premises. We adhere to social distancing as and when out shot gets over. Wearing mask is a priority that everyone keeps in mind without and reminder.

What are your thoughts on comedy shows?

Comedy is one of the most difficult genres that an actor can work on. Making someone laugh is one of the most difficult things to do so. Our show Akbar Ka Bal…Birbal will not only make you laugh but would force to have a lateral thinking in terms of the concept of the show.

How is your experience working with your co-actors?

The entire cast and crew of the show is very supportive and fun to work with. As I said earlier it feels really great to share the screen with one of the finest actors who have contributed a lot to Indian television. I am getting to learn a lot from Ali Asgar who is playing Akbar in the show. These are initial days but the teams seem to be promising to have a blast and full of entertainment in the long run.

What other projects are you working on right now?

As of now, my only focus is on Akbar Ka Bal…Birbal. No plans for future, completely committed to my show.

We saw a picture of you and Rajeev posted a video call screenshot during this friendship day. Are they rumours that were spread from past few months? What is your take on it?

Well I am here to speak about my show Akbar Ka Bal…Birbal. I would like to refrain from giving any comments on my personal life.

Have you slashed your fees due to COVID?

We as a nation are facing the biggest pandemic which has in turn hampered the economy in many ways. While many people are facing losses in their businesses, losing their job facing the trauma, I for one feel I am blessed to have a job in todays’ scenario. I personally feel instead of talking about fee slashes we as artists should be thankful that we have a show to do and perform our art of acting which we love immensely and are doing it in good health and positive spirits.

I am just grateful to be an entertainment warrior and if I get admiration and support from audience it will be the best.

Recently Sushmita Sen did a comeback in a web series Aarya. She was applauded by the critics and the audience for her performance. Did you get a chance to see her show Aarya and what did you think of her performance?

Sushmita Sen is a superstar and a beautiful gem of a person and yes of course I saw Arya, in fact we all saw the first episode together. Bring intrigued with the story line of Arya I finished watching the entire series in one go as I just couldn’t wait in suspense wondering what will happen next. Didi as I call Sushmita Sen – she is a very dedicated artist and is very true to her work. Whichever project she picks, she performs flawlessly. I also remember applauding the work done by everyone in Arya on my social media handles.

You think being connected to Rajeev Sen and Sushmita Sen it’s easy for you to get work in the industry?

Being associated with prominent names of the industry always creates a lot of chit-chat and banter amidst a lot of people. I think it’s sad for people to think that way. I work really hard and my passion for my art of acting is the one I follow. I truly believe I should be recognised for my work as an actor and not the people I am associated with

What is the message that you would want to give to your fans?

I would want to thank each and every one for constantly being a support to all of us. I promise to entertain you’ll for as long as I can and I hope and pray everyone enjoys our upcoming new show Akbar Ka Bal…Birbal only on Star Bharat

Tune in to watch Charu Asopa make a comeback on television with her upcoming new show Akbar Ka Bal…Birbal starting 31st August at 7:30pm only on Star Bharat


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