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Ileana D’Cruz endorses United Nation’s ‘protect the planet’ initiative!

Ileana D’Cruz, who will be seen in Anees Bazmee’s forthcoming family entertainer Mubarakan, is all about planet conversation and wants to create awareness about ways to saving it.

Doing so, the talented actress has decided to endorse United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals titled ‘The Lazy Person’s guide to saving to world’ that aims to end poverty and protect the planet. And although far-reaching, it outlines the necessary steps we as a society need to take in order to put an end to crippling global problems, like climate change and water shortage.

A source says, “Ileana is concerned about environment and the planet and she wants to create awareness among the people to follow three simple steps suggested by ‘The Lazy Person’s guide to saving to world’."

One can incorporate these goals into their lives by following three levels – Sofa Superstar that stops paper bank statements and pay your bills online or via mobile. No paper, no need for forest destruction, Household Hero – cutting down on your meat consumption, drying clothes in natural sunlight and using cardboard matches instead of lighters and the third being Neighbourhood Nice Guy – supporting local businesses and opting for reusable cups.

Ileana says, “I believe the future of our planet is in our hands. Although we understand the threat to the health of ecosystems and human arrival, I don’t think we are doing enough to save our planet. Even if one person really starts thinking about planet conservation, they can do a lot to save it in whatever capacity. We need to be more responsible towards the planet we live in.”


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