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Zee TV’s Hamariwali Good News is a primetime drama that presents a heart- warming and unique role reversal between a daughter-in-law - Navya (Srishti Jain) and her mother-in-law - Renuka Tiwari (Juhi Parmar) to give their family the much-awaited ‘Good News’. Over the last couple of weeks, we've seen a lot of drama take place at the Tiwari house, especially with Renuka (Juhi Parmar) and hubby Mukund’s (Shakti Anand) estranged relationship seeing several ups and downs. After being granted divorce, the couple are all set to remarry each other, but looks like an interesting twist during the wedding sequence climax is going to take the audience’s breath away. But what is more interesting is that the scene draws inspiration from an iconic Bollywood movie like Rishi Kapoor’s Karz!

For the uninitiated, Vrunda (played by actor Samikssha Batnagar) had recently revealed how Sumitra (Kiran Sharma) is not actually Mukund’s sister, but in fact, she is his step-sister. In the upcoming episodes, while Mukund and Renuka are all set to get married, we’ll see how Vrunda, Navya and Aditya (Raghav Tiwari) with Renuka’s help will recreate a scenario from Mukund’s childhood that will remind him of Sumitra’s involvement in killing his mother. Similar to how Rishi Kapoor’s characters Karz got flashes of their past and suddenly realised what had exactly happened when their past scenarios were repeated in front of them, Mukund will also remember everything, and Sumitra’s evil truth will be exposed finally. And this will turn the whole tale on its head!

Speaking about the sequence, Shakti Anand who plays the role of Mukund in Hamariwali Good News, revealed, “During the wedding sequence, Navya, Aditya and Vrunda with Renuka’s help will recreate a scenario from Mukund’s childhood after taking help of his real sister, Sukanya, who was sent away to a mental asylum by Sumitra. This whole skit will remind him of his past, just like how Rishi Kapoor’s character in Karz and Shah Rukh Khan’s character in Om Shanti Om remember their past when the same scenario from their earlier life is replayed in front of their eyes. The only difference here is that my character has not had a rebirth. The team thought this would be an appropriate way for the revelation to happen in front of the audience because in real life as well, we do remember things when similar scenarios play out in front of us. It was really fun shooting for this sequence as it is a part of our wedding climax and when the makers told me about their plan, I was really excited. The idea is to give the audience a rush of excitement and now, I am eager to see how our fans and followers react to it.”

After Mukund comes to know about Sumitra’s evil secret, what will happen next?

Will he take revenge or does Sumitra have another trick up her sleeve?

To know all this and more, tune into Hamariwali Good News every Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm only on Zee TV


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