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Kailash Kher who believes in the power of Bharatiya classical music and its eons old heritage brings "Jai Shri Mahakaal". The spiritual song will thrill, and inspire the listeners and ignite inquisitiveness to know more about Bharatiya Culture. It will light the lamps of knowledge and truth in the hearts and minds of the listeners so that they can dispel the forces of darkness within them and allow their innate brilliance and goodness to shine forth.

While the nation is gripped with the festive fervour, Jai Shri Mahakaal is a spiritual offering for the youth of today. It gently reminds the listeners to go back to their roots, to reconnect with their families and beautiful traditions to discover who they truly are.

Jai Shri Mahakaal beautifully showcases the city of Ujjain situated on the banks of river Kshipra and the abode of the Gods will connect today's era with Bharatiya history and spirituality with information.

Kailash Kher pays a music tribute to the joint efforts of Hon Prime Minister and effort of Madhya Pradesh Ujjain Smart City, Madhya Pradesh Culture/Tourism Department, Ujjain Mahakal Temple Trust Ujjain to rejuvenate the city, which further represents the city of Mahakal.

Elaborating further about the song he says "Bharat's spiritual wealth and historically is very rich and special. In this era, the song "Jai Shri Mahakaal, referring to our culture is an important requirement in today's life along with entertainment" he further adds "There are twelve Jyotirlingas in Bharat, but there is no song of praise dedicated to anyone.

I have been a worshipper of Shiva since childhood, Bholenath himself has sent me into music through spirituality. Writing, singing, making music, chanting on Mahakal is not less than any penance, because Mahadev flows in my blood since childhood, whenever I want to sing his glory, I just peep into my heart, that is, being meditative, being in samadhi and everything flows. Shiva himself starts flowing like a sound" .


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