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This weekend, get ready for the excitement to hit the roof as Zee TV’s clutter-breaking reality show Indian Pro Music League inches closer to its grand finale. After Mumbai Warriors, Punjab Lions and Gujarat Rockers secured their position in the semifinals, Bengal Tigers and UP Dabbangs battled it out to secure the last position in the Top 4 and this weekend's episode started off with the revelation that Bengal Tigers had emerged victorious. After securing their place in the semi-finals, Team Bengal Tigers went head-to-head with Gujarat Rockers, Punjab Lions and Mumbai warriors in an attempt to take home the enchanting trophy.

While we saw some energetic and mesmerizing acts during the shoot, Mumbai Warriors; captain Kailash Kher also got a wonderful surprise after his phenomenal act. While he was sharing an interesting anecdote from his life, Kailash Kher's 11-year-old son, Kabir, came on the stage and left him speechless. While he left everyone in awe with his adorable antics and unthinkable revelations, one confession left everyone stunned.

Kabir revealed that while his father, Kailash Kher, is very sweet, kind and talented; he is very strict at home. In fact, he mentions how his father is very strict when it comes to music, studies and Sanskrit, however, he has never shouted at him. He even revealed that like everyone else, he also finds it difficult to understand what his father is trying to say when he uses 'shudh' Hindi words.

Talking about the same Kabir mentioned, “Papa is very strict when it comes to studies, but there is one thing that's great and that is he will never shout at me, he will make me understand everything. A few years ago, papa made a promise to me saying he would never scold me for anything if I never gave him a chance for it. We have been maintaining that till date and it has been going smooth. Apart from studies and music, my father also motivates me to learn Sanskrit as he feels it is very necessary in life. I am trying my best to learn it and shudh Hindi as well, but at times, like all of you, I also don't understand what he is telling me when uses shudh Hindi words.”

After Kabir's candid revelation, the father-son duo also sang ‘Teri Deewani’ together, leaving everyone mesmerized. While Kailash and Kabir's heartwarming moments will surely melt your hearts, wait till you see the top four battle it out in the 'akhri daur' of this competition.

To witness more such wonderful moments, tune into the Indian Pro Music League this Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm, only on Zee TV


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