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Imprinting into our lives with its love, and passion, Punjabi folk billboard hit- Buhe Bariyan has been no less than a sweet delicacy all through spring. Set to harbour around our hearts forever, Bollywood’s favourite Baby Doll- Kanika Kapoor, is now out with her own rendition of this romantic melody.

Narrating a tale of uniting with one’s beloved, displaying ethereal visuals nevertheless, Buhe Bariyan explores a surreal romantic journey. Composed by famed composers Gourov Dasgupta and Shruti Rane, we hear a resounding track in the words of acclaimed lyricist- Kunwar Juneja. Rendered by none other than Kanika herself, the track transcends beyond space and time leaving us with something utterly beautiful.

Compelling you to fall in love with a heartwarming tale of smitten birds- Kanika has prepared a cracker of a song for her fans, and it is sure to hit the right airwaves. The song encapsulates the emotion of love beautifully and talks of togetherness and trust. Kanika’s sizzling outfits in the music video will make you go ‘wow’ and wanting for more!

So, get ready to plug your earphones on, because your favorite romantic melody of the year just got better!

Remaking this enervating melody, Kanika Kapoor said, “I had always wanted to diversify and experiment with the music I create. After being showered with such immense love for my signature high energy tracks, Buhe Bariyan is a very special track for me and I hope my audience accepts this rendition of the song with as much love and warmth.”

The song is now available on Saregama YouTube Channel and all leading music streaming platforms.


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