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Karva Chauth is an auspicious day when married Hindu women all around the world observe a day of fasting to pray for their husband’s well-being and longevity. Primarily practiced in the North of Bharat, the day is celebrated widely across the globe. &TV’s Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein’s, Santoshi Maa played by Gracy Singh and Swati played by Tanvi Dogra together, share the significance and practice of the festival and wish every woman a very joyous Karva Chauth. Gracy Singh shares the relevance of the day by saying, “Karva Chauth is an auspicious day for all married women and it’s a day they whole-heartedly dedicate to their husbands which I feel is such a selfless act.

The meaning of Karva Chauth is offering prasad to the moon using an earthen pot known as Karva on the Chaturthi of the Kartika month (October - November). It falls on the fourth day of the dark fortnight in the Kartika month every year. The festival has evolved to include celebrating the special bond of friendship between sahelis who fast together and prepare for the celebration. I wish all those observing this fast a very Happy Karva Chauth!” Speaking about the rituals carried out, Tanvi Dogra shares, “The festival is a day of zeal and vigour, while women fast from sunrise till moonrise, the preparations start very well in advance. With jewellery, puja items, henna, bangles, sari and much more, women decorate a thali for the practice. They exchange earthen pots filled with shringaar and conduct an aarti waiting for the moon to arise.

Offering water and prayers, women gaze at the moon through a sieve or a cloth as it is customary and break their fast with a sip of water offered by their husbands.

With this, I wish everyone a very Happy Karva Chauth!”

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