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Central Railway has dispatched 3,169 Tonnes of agricultural produce and other parcels in 12 trips from 7.8.2020 to 17.9.2020.

The Ministry of Railways started India’s first ever Kisan Rail on Central railway from 7.8.2020 between Devlali and Danapur as a weekly train to help farmers in the region to send their agricultural produce to distant areas of the country quickly and economically.

This initiative has got immense response from farmers. Later, the train was extended to Muzaffarpur and Link Kisan rail also started from Sangola/Pune to attach to the main Kisan Rail. Kisan Rail is now running as tri-weekly from 8.9.2020. Till now Kisan Rail completed 12 trips carrying more than 3,169 Tonnes of perishable commodities like Pomegranates (Anar), Capsicum, Green Chilli, Ginger, Lemon and Ice-fish etc. and other parcels.

A new facility to book farm produce in Kisan Rail is also introduced with the installation of POS machines at Sangola, Modlimb, Belvandi, Belapur & Kopergaon stations of Solapur Division benefiting farmers with ease of doing business & quick transaction time.

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