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From appealing to the netizens to stay indoors in his trademark monologue to interviewing Coronavirus survivor, Kartik Aaryan is leaving no stone unturned to spread awareness in these critical times. His hit YouTube series – Koki Poochega which was launched on Saturday night, got a thunderous response where he interviewed one of India’s first Corona survivor Sumiti Singh. Today, the actor drops the second episode with doctor Meemansa Buch and its surely worth a watch.

This initiative by Kartik Aaryan to reach a larger mass and educate them through his new talk show is truly commendable. His first episode got everyone talking and applauding his act on social media and the virtual chat show soon started trending on the biggest video-sharing platform. Within few hours the views on YouTube reached 6 lakh plus views and the teaser on his Instagram crossed 1.7 million views, a clear indication that the heartthrob took the social media by storm again. Today the actor gets in conversation with Gujarat based doctor Meemansa Buch and how she dealt with the pandemic. How this real-life hero treated COVID 19 positive patients is truly a selfless act and a story to be heard and watched. Aaryan has shared a glimpse from the episode on his social media, where he asks her some most random mythical questions about Coronavirus and certifies them as untrue by the doc. He has rightfully captioned the video saying, ‘Padhaku bachchon pe haste thhe na hum? #KokiPoochega Episode 2 with DOCTOR Meemansa Buch One of the First Doctors to turn a Patient from Covid-19 Positive to Negative!’

Yet another episode which proves to be a perfect blend of information, insightful and laughter. Kartik Aaryan knows the seriousness of this matter and hence asks the right questions. But at the same time he knows the panic around the fatal virus nationwide and he makes his episodes light and quirky. The actor is proving to be the perfect crusader at such times, as he even pledged a huge amount of Rs 1 crore to the PM Relief Funds and was hailed as a true hero off-screen. His 2 minute and 24 seconds long monologue on #CoronaStopKaroNa, speaking about the importance of social-distancing to fight the pandemic took the social media by storm and even got our PM Narendra Modi talk about it on Twitter. Now with Koki Poochega, the actor as a host and along with the interviewee, give us the right information about COVID-19 and bust several myths. Koki yet again uses the internet as a strong weapon to enlighten the masses in these dark times. An act which is truly commendable for the young superstar.


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