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Lionsgate Play has been bringing an abundance of never seen before films and series to our screens at home! The latest addition to the growing list is the dramedy Pure, starring Charly Clive, Joe Cole and more. The story revolves around Marnie (played by Charly Clive) who has been tormented by her disturbingly sensual thoughts for the last 3672 days.

Marnie, a 24-year-old is diagnosed with a form of OCD called Pure O. Discovering and coming to terms with her mental health, she is struggling with her thoughts, most of it is plagued by intriguing sexual pondering that occurs at the most inappropriate of instances. Dealing with new, unprecedented feelings, she makes the decision to make a drastic change by shifting from Scotland to London in search for answers. Navigating the exploratory journey of herself, she is skeptical of what the future holds.

Directed by Aneil Karia & Alicia Macdonald, Pure was nominated for British Academy Television Craft Award for Breakthrough Talent and received an IMDB rating of 7.4/10. It is a series of self-discovery, identity and a journey that each person embarks on in their own strength, and should definitely be on your watchlist!

Guardian an international newspaper, described the series as “A masterly comedy about sex and mental health”. Pure, generally was well-received and critically acclaimed series which won positive reviews and was praised for its treatment on mental health issues and sexuality.

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