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Disney + Hotstar special ‘Aarya’ stars Sushmita Sen and Chandrachur Singh alongside Alexx ONell has received a tremendous amount of appreciation from over the globe.

Alexx ONell learnt Bhagavad Gita for his character Bob Wilson who not only adapts it into music but also abides by in life, his never seen before avatar is refreshing and has received good reviews and immense love for his performance.

Here are some intriguing behind the scene trivia during the shoot of the series, we bet you are hearing all of this first!

1. While shooting Aarya together in Jaipur, Sushmita Sen & Alexx O'Nell after-work game of pool lasted so long that they paused it and moved on to table tennis... which was essentially the same story. It seems these two artists are equally good (or perhaps equally terrible) in the game-room.

2. Sushmita Sen & Alexx O'Nell connected over their love of music. In fact, while in Rajasthan shooting Aarya, Alexx shared with Sushmita unfinished versions of his first two singles and music videos 'Still On My Mind' (subsequently released April 2020) and 'Twenty Days' (expected in July 2020).

3. At a surprise outdoor screening of The Godfather, arranged for the Aarya team in Jaipur, Sushmita Sen, Alexx, and Director Ram Madhvani were the only three left watching 'till the credits rolled.

4. Unbeknownst to most, Chandrachur Singh is extremely knowledgeable about Astrology, and while shooting in Mumbai and Jaipur, he made a number of predictions about Alexx, Sushmita Sen and his own futures. Because of the similarities among the three, he predicted a "fundamental change" in each of their lives would take place in early 2020... he could not have been more correct!

5. In order to complete the series for a lockdown release, the main cast of Aarya dubbed from their respective homes. For Alexx that meant recording from three different locations including his home in Mumbai, his 14-Day quarantine location in The Netherlands, and finally his residence in Holland.

6. Aarya is based on the Dutch Series Penoza, which was incredibly successful in the Netherlands where Alexx has a home and stays whenever possible between shooting. In fact Alexx is a dual national, holding both American and Dutch citizenship, though he considers himself "Half Dutch, Half American, and Half Indian". He was, however, careful to avoid seeing any of Penoza both while shooting Aarya, as well as after, because he "didn't want the Dutch portrayal of the story to affect my performance, nor my assessment and enjoyment of the finished series".

Hotstar Specials presents Aarya, starring Alexx ONell and Directed by Ram Madhwani, is now playing on Disney + Hotstar VIP .


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